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Playing the long game


ResourceCo’s ability to look ahead puts it in good stead for future challenges in the waste recovery sector. As detailed by Brad Lemmon, the new CEO of the Recycling and Waste business.

Having spent many years in the construction material industry, Brad Lemmon brings a unique perspective to the table in his role as Chief Executive Officer of the Recycling and Waste business.

With a deep understanding of the challenges facing the construction materials and manufacturing sectors, Brad is excited at the opportunity to help provide sustainability solutions to the industry, in a rapidly changing environment. 

“There are many aspects of this business that are not dissimilar to what I’ve come from” Brad says. 

“I understand the challenges from a manufacturing side of things. That insight will be helpful in developing and expanding our capability.”

ResourceCo is a recognised pioneer in the resource recovery sector, with operations spanning across Australasia. 

As the world moves away from a make, use, dispose model, the company is determined to play a role in the recovery, recycling and repurposing of products otherwise destined for landfill, delivering tailored solutions across a range of industry sectors, driving progress towards a circular economy.

“The ResourceCo team is agile and forward-thinking, enabling the group to respond to opportunity and challenges as they emerge, but with an innate ability to recognise shifts in the strategic environment and respond accordingly,” Brad says.

ResourceCo has a 30-year history of taking construction and demolition (C&D) waste and converting it into useable materials, reducing the materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

Recycled pavement materials, aggregates, concrete and sand are being used in major civil engineering projects and road construction. Brad says while those activities are now being carried out world-wide, ResourceCo’s advantage is its market reach, strong customer relationships and an excellent distribution network.

He aims to further strengthen the company’s privileged market position, seeking to expand the range of materials and deliver improved conversion into value added products.

“It is an evolution,” he says. “We are continually looking to be more efficient and to produce a broader suite of usable products.

“ResourceCo has very experienced people. We have a good instinct on how to turn a waste product into useful material.”

For example, the company is currently looking at converting waste glass into products for the construction industry. 

ResourceCoCarbon abatement is also a challenge for many companies as they work toward net zero emissions. Brad says ResourceCo, a pioneer of trading carbon, with more than two million tonnes effectively regenerated over the course of its history, is well placed to help others meet those challenges.

“We continue to work with companies with shared goals for greener supply chains by decarbonising through credible transition plans.

“The core of all we do, that conversion of waste materials back into usable products, not only provides economic benefits and the diversion from landfill, but it also has the specific benefit of not creating more impact on the environment,” he says.

Brad says he’s excited to join ResourceCo at a time when the resource recovery industry is changing rapidly.

He says there’s a broader recognition around sustainability and he’s keen to play a part in this exciting phase.

“There’s now a greater sense of awareness of the real cost associated with the production of waste and the inefficiencies of generating waste materials,” he says.

“For a long time, the focus had been about core manufacturing and producing materials, without necessarily considering the broader, long-term impact. Now with heightened focus on sustainability, and a growing consciousness within the wider community, the emphasis is shifting to ‘how can we produce the materials more effectively and close that loop?’

“ResourceCo has been doing that for many years – we are proud to be a part of the solution” 

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