Portal offers transparency on VIC waste services

Victoria Government launches Know Your Council portal
The Victorian Government has launched the Know Your Council website to let residents see how their local council is performing.

 The latest data has been made publicly available on the new portal, which went live on 15 November.

The Know Your Council system measures and compares the performance of Victoria’s 79 councils each year, giving residents greater insights into trends and patterns in the way their council operates.

Councils report on a broad range of performance data including planning permits, financial performance, roads, governance and waste collection. The data shows that Victorian councils have substantially improved their waste services by recording a large reduction in the number of missed bin collections and successfully diverting more waste from landfill.

Overall, councils improved on more than a third of the performance measures, just one year after performance data was first made available by the Andrews Labor Government.

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) welcomed the transparency of council performance offered by the new website, saying the measures would boost residents’ broad understanding about what their local council does. However, it said some of the data offered needs to be improved.

Interim MAV President Cr Coral Ross encouraged residents to also read the ‘council says’ information alongside the measures reported in the Know Your Council data.

“No two councils are alike, and this information gives important context about the results. It helps to explain the differences when comparing one council with another.

The performance data for councils is available at

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