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Position Partners Carlson LandfillGrade increases efficiencies

Position Partners’ Carlson LandfillGrade has helped numerous landfill site operators increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of their sites.

Supporting its customers to improve the efficiency and safety of their sites is one of the core tenets of the Position Partners ethos. 

In the landfill sector, this is buttressed by the Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance system. According to Andrew Granger, Product Manager: Mining and Landfill Systems at Position Partners, the machine maximises vertical space and avoidance zones for gas wells, aids leachate management and manages hazardous material better, while providing access to more accurate data. 

The Carlson LandfillGrade solution aims to assist landfill site operators to maximise the void space of their landfill site through optimised compaction and increased density. 

Brad Wood, Operations Manager, and Oscar Gallagher, Operations Coordinator at the Summerhill Waste Management Centre (SWMC), have been using the Carlson LandfillGrade for nearly five and two years respectively. Both have found the machine has prolonged the longevity and increased the efficiency of the SWMC.

Oscar says the team has managed to maximise their existing landfill space. 

“The real-time information given to machine operators onsite and efficiency and utilisation tools available to the management team allow all parties to make better informed decisions onsite and in the office,” Oscar says. 

Brad says the machine optimises compaction with fewer passes, which can also help landfill site operators reduce fuel consumption and machine wear.

“Using Carlson has definitely saved us in operating costs. The in-cab system means we’re not guessing when we’re at optimum compaction as it tells us in real-time,” he says. 

“So we’re not continuing to pass over an area after full compaction has been reached and we’re not wasting time, machine wear and fuel.”

The Carlson LandfillGrade system from Position Partners increases on-site safety through improved operator situation awareness and its Fixed Hazard Collision Warning technology. 

Improved operator situation awareness is achieved through the constant and accurate display of the machine’s position relative to fixed infrastructure or hazards. The Fixed Hazard Collision Warning technology provides audible and visual alarms when the machine gets too close to predefined hazards such as buildings.

The Carlson LandfillGrade from Position Partners also aids leachate management through accurate and easy slope designs to control water run-off and minimise leachate for disposal or treatment. It also enables the set-up of avoidance zones for gas wells and hazardous material placement and eliminates the need for staff to gain access to machines to upload and download data with a wireless data exchange.

With the Carlson LandfillGrade, landfill site operators get access to the Carlson Command control, monitoring and data management system, which transmits data between the machines and the office.

Brad says that team members out in the field can see on the in-cab screens in real time when they’ve reached grade and can then progress to the next section of garbage, improving their compaction rate and reducing the number of passes. 

 “And, from the office, I can monitor what’s going on in the field, I can monitor site progress and make sure the machines are on grade and the cut fills are on track.”

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