Positioning technology helps extend life of landfill cells

positioning technology

From regional council landfills to large-scale, privately managed waste facilities, positioning technology is helping to extend the life of landfill cells and ensure high standards of sustainable waste management.

Aptella is a technology provider servicing the waste sector, construction, mining, and other heavy industry with the latest in positioning and automation innovation from around the world. Newly rebranded from Position Partners, the new name and identity better reflects its service offering to customers. 

“The Position Partners name and brand has served us well,” says Martin Nix, Chief Executive Officer. “Sentiment from our employees and customers was that the time was right for a fresh new identity to better represent the experiences people can expect from us as their vital technology provider.”  

As emerging systems develop in automation, robotics, and augmented positioning for smart cities, the Aptella team will continue to work collaboratively to understand project challenges and opportunities, innovate solutions and partner with customers for the long term.   

In the waste sector, Aptella supports about 40 sites throughout Australia and New Zealand with machine guidance solutions that are designed for landfill operations. 

“Our customers are varied in the scale, location and scope of the waste management facilities they manage,” says Andrew Granger, Executive Business Manager at Aptella. “Our technology platform is scalable and flexible to benefit sites of all sizes, with local support across Australia and New Zealand to assist with technical deployment and ongoing maintenance.” 

positioning technology
Carlson LandfillGrade gives operators live information on compaction, air space use and cut/fill design. Image: Aptella

Aptella has offices in every state and territory of Australia, as well as Auckland in New Zealand, Jakarta Indonesia, and Singapore. It employs more than 350 people with a range of skill sets to source, customise and support positioning and automation technology. 

Carlson LandfillGrade is a unique solution that the business has deployed for customers for more than 10 years. The system encompasses a GPS antenna mounted to the roof of the compactor, sensors on the machine body and a full-colour touchscreen inside the cab to guide the operator.  

Designed to help landfill managers maximise the use of landfill cells dynamically rather than retrospectively, LandfillGrade gives operators and managers live information on compaction, air space use and cut/fill to design. 

“Without the use of technology such as the Carlson system, operators and managers are somewhat flying blind because they can only measure what has been done with as-built checks,” Andrew says. 

Through continuous monitoring of compaction and airspace use, the technology helps to ensure that slopes are graded accurately, and air pockets are minimised. Building the design right the first time with optimal compaction can extend the life of a landfill cell and improve leachate management, with less impact to the environment through reduced fuel usage and better air quality.  

Improved safety is another key factor for deploying positioning technology. The software can be programmed with avoidance zones, alerting operators via their in-cab display if they approach a no-go area or enter the working area of another machine. 

For larger sites, Carlson can be installed on a range of machine types including dozers, graders and excavators, guiding everyone working to a design on site. 

“Whether there’s a single landfill compactor or a fleet of machines, the Carlson system can be installed on any make and model to give a consistent user experience for all operators,” Andrew says. 

“After many years of successful deployment on a range of sites, the Carlson solution is robust and reliable. It’s an extremely stable platform that rarely needs any breakdown technical support.” 

For the most part, technical assistance is required in the form of training and initial deployment. 

“Our team is well-versed in change management and helping to train operators and managers to get the most out of their technology in the shortest timeframe,” Andrew says.

“We try to remove any barriers and can offer fully managed services whereby we provide the reports and manage the data so it’s more hands-off for the on-site team.” 

For more information, visit: www.aptella.com

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