PRM Engineering Services launches next generation AI


After five years of being at the forefront of human recognition technology in mobile machinery, Sentinel VISION AI, designed and developed by Queensland-based PRM Engineering Services, is ready for the next stage of its nationwide success. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world, and the waste and resource recovery industries are not immune. Since the first optical sensors and electronics were introduced in the 1970s, waste collection, transport and sorting processes continue to be streamlined and automated.

Bringing smart decision-making, and reduction in human error to operations, one of AI’s key platforms is safety. 

Sentinel VISION AI has been detecting and alerting machine operators and nearby pedestrians of a potential near miss across the waste, rail, construction, and manufacturing industries and is launching an updated version that is now also proudly accredited and certified as Australian made and owned. Mike Davis, Director PRM Engineering Services, says the next generation has been redeveloped on a new and improved hardware set, offering better processing capability, built-in cellular and GPS capability and complies with ISO16001. 

“We have implemented a data logging solution,” Mike says, “and we are continually developing the algorithms and accuracy as better and more powerful hardware becomes available.”

PRM Engineering has a motivated team of engineers based in Brisbane constantly developing new features on Sentinel VISION AI and continues to improve the system in line, and in consultation, with local industry feedback and unmet needs. Because the company is founded in the earthmoving industry, the systems are developed in alignment with customer and OEM requirements. 

By using AI, as well as machine learning, Sentinel VISION AI assists and alerts a mobile machine operator and the pedestrians in and around a work zone.

Initially developed for the construction industry, the system evolved at the request of other industries, including from waste management companies. 

Sentinel VISION AI has since been rolled out to transfer stations across Australia and is proving successful in landfills where there are interactions with members of the public who aren’t used to recognising the dangers of being around heavy machinery.

One of the strengths of the Sentinel VISION AI is its ability to differentiate between humans and objects, reducing the number of false detections and alarms.

The system focuses on human detection. Machine operators are alerted once a human is detected within the programmed zone and pedestrians are encouraged to move out of the zone. The aim is to create behavioural change and awareness so that pedestrians learn to stay away from the machines.

The updated system allows multiple pedestrian zones to be programmed, along with multiple camera coverage to account for maximum blind spots. It’s also more compact for installation on smaller machines and has a waterproof processing unit to allow outdoor mounting. Backing up the technology is the Australian Made label and local service. 

“Working alongside PRM Engineering Services, you are not only getting access to cutting-edge technology and expertise but also partnering with a proud Australian company that upholds strong values of integrity and professionalism,” Mike says.

Having boots on the ground locally means customers have instant serviceability and the ability to configure the system to suit their needs.

If a customer wants a certain configuration, PRM can engage with them straight away, designing the product around their scenarios. Those scenarios could be anything from setting different triggers and when alarms are activated, to combinations of alarms.

Different machine types also have different requirements for both camera locations and the number of cameras; a loader operator would be more concerned about pedestrian movement at the back of the machine, whereas excavators require 270-degree vision.

Even the intensity of detection can be toned down to reflect different lighting conditions and environments to avoid false detections.

The system is designed to be simplistic and safe, providing machine and waste facility operators peace of mind.

In recognition of the game-changing technology, PRM Engineering Services and VISION AI have received a number of awards including Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards 2021 (Winners – Safety category), Australian Earthmoving Awards (Winner) – 2020, Endeavour Manufacturing Awards – Winner 2020, Finalist Synaco Safety Awards 2022. 

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