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Processing under one roof

Processing under one roof

Since commencing the distribution of Komptech equipment last year, Komptech CEA has evolved into a one-stop shop for the waste and resource recovery sector. Product Manager Craig Cosgrove explains.

Processing under one roof
CEA has more than 90 dealer outlets across Australia.

In July last year, CEA commenced operations as the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Komptech waste recycling equipment. In a statement at the time, Chief Executive Hylton Taylor said that as a growing business, CEA is continually looking to better meet the needs of the market.

“Adding strong, well-established brands to our portfolio strengthens our ability to support our existing customers and provides the opportunity to interact with a whole new client base,” Hylton says.

Craig Cosgrove, Komptech CEA Product Manager, feels similarly, highlighting that since joining CEA from ELB Equipment, his team has had greater access to resources – becoming a “one-stop shop” for customers.

“When you buy a piece of Komptech equipment, you’ll generally need a wheel loader or excavator to feed the machine, and we now have that all under one roof,” he says.

CEA, a part of the CFC Group of companies, is a privately owned business with nine branches, more than 90 dealer outlets and more than 280 employees Australia-wide.

Craig says that CEA can offer its customers in-house financing under De Lage Landen, which tailors financing agreements to client needs.

“From where we were with ELB to where we are now with CEA, we now have the opportunity to offer everything from the machine to the parts, service contacts and financing, all in-house,” he says.

While the move to CEA has boosted resources and capabilities from a pre- and after-sales context, the quality of Komptech’s equipment offering has remained the same, Craig says. While Komptech makes constant improvements to its equipment, the company specialises in “bread and butter machines”.

“Komptech offers high-performance, value-for-money equipment. The machines can be running for 10 years and still have resale value, which highlights the quality as well as payback for the owner,” Craig says.

The Komptech product range includes more than 30 different types of machines that cover all key process steps in modern waste handling – shredding, screening, separating and biological treatment.

“The focus is always on innovative technology and solutions that ensure maximum customer benefit,” Craig says.

When it comes to screening and separating equipment, Komptech CEA can provide customers with both mobile and stationary solutions.

“We can offer various equipment from drum screens, flower disks and star screens for the processing of organic material in different-sized fractions,” Craig says.

Komptech’s drum screens, such as the Nemus 2700, guarantee high throughput via feed screws welded on the inner side of the drum.

Craig explains that the Nemus’ large steep-walled hopper, and screen drum with improved material feed and a high-performance discharge system, harmonise perfectly with the proven, robust diesel-hydraulic drive.

The drum’s control with visualisation makes operation easier and the longer discharge conveyors, up to 3.5 metres, boost flexibility in use.

Practical details such as the easy-cleaning, two-stage radiator induction screen, larger material intake support wheels and the good access to all maintenance points reflect Komptech’s close attention to customer feedback.

According to Craig, Komptech drum screens effectively process high-bulk materials such as wood and biomass through a feed hopper tailored to the drum size.

When it comes to processing excavated material such as sand, gravel and lightweight building rubble, Komptech has a solution for all of these heavy materials. Solid contraries are kept back by a hinged hopper pre-screen and a hopper belt controller that prevents skewing on the belt.

In processing shredded, household, residual waste and RDF, the Nemus creates ample space between screen drums and side walls for a smooth operation.

For high-capacity operations, Craig highlights Komptech’s range of Multistar screens, which are some of the most productive screening machines available, especially in high moisture applications.

The core of the star screens consists of one or more screen decks, depending on the model. The star shafts are electric drive with frequency converters that provide efficient and economical operation.

“With its modular design, screen decks, feed metering container, wind sifter and stone/magnet separation, this machinery is tailored to the job at hand, generating up to four fractions in one operation,” Craig says.

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