Showcase your brand in 2019

Waste Management Review has released its Promotional Features List for 2019!

Promotional features provide an opportunity for clients to showcase their products or services in the magazine, getting added value editorial for the price of a half or full page ad.

Promotional features group articles and advertisements around a theme or groups of products or services and act as a “buying guide” for readers, allowing them to compare side by side.

Feb: Sorting and Separating Equipment, Landfill Compactors, Excavators and Size Reduction Equipment

March: Waste Consultants, Shredders, Crushers and Granulators, Landfill Covers and Trucks and Vehicles

April: Weighing Systems and Software, Hooklifts and Skip Loaders, Trommels and Screening Equipment and Wheel Loaders

May: Bins, Conveyors, Waste Transfer Trailers and Landfill Monitoring Equipment

June: Odour Management and Dust Control, Insurance and Excavators

July: Turnkey Solutions, Balers and Compactors, Compost Equipment and Fire Management Technology

August: Material Handlers, Sorting and Separating Equipment, Landfill Covers and Size Reduction Equipment

September: Trucks and Vehicles, Shredders, Crushers and Granulators, Landfill Compactors and Conveyors

October: Waste Transfer Trailers, Landfill Monitoring Equipment, Wheel Loaders and Waste Consultants

November: Bins, Weighing Systems, Hooklifts and Skip Loaders and Trommels and Screening Equipment

December: Balers and Compactors, Material Handlers, Fire Management Technology and Turnkey Solutions

For advertising enquiries please contact:
Chelsea Daniel-Young
Business Development Manager, Waste Management Review
+61 (0)425 699 878

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