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Proudly Australian owned

Proudly Australian made

Waste equipment manufacturer Garwood International has expanded and adapted to the industry, since its establishment more than 40 years ago.

Proudly Australian made
Garwood International’s DualPact unit.

Since its beginnings four decades ago, Garwood International has undergone major changes to its product portfolio and business operations.

As Managing Director Daniel McHugh recalls, the company’s Sydney foundations were built on supporting Australian markets.

“It was my father who founded the company in 1977, 44 years ago,” Daniel says. “It was founded as McHugh Engineering, which was a general engineering business. Shortly after that, in 1982, my father got involved in the waste sector and set up Garwood International, the business that it is today.”

Daniel started at the company when he was 15 years old, while still attending high school. His devotion to the company resulted in considerable progression for Garwood, which culminated in the opening of a branch in the United Kingdom about 20 years ago.

“Our waste product portfolio grew when we established the branch in the United Kingdom, called Garwood Europe, and I went across there for three years and set the business up,” he says.

“We saw a lot of growth due to our business being exposed to a larger market, but that branch is owned by us. We are a fully Australian-owned business, still to this day.”

Over the years, changes were also made to the company’s waste equipment range in Australia, with an emphasis on kerbside and municipal waste collection machinery.

“We actually have the most extensive range of rear loaders in the industry, in Australia,” Daniel says.

“Anything from four cubic metres right up to 28 cubic metre body sizes,  n both split and single configurations.”

Garwood International’s products allow operators to customise equipment, based on their particular requirements. Daniel says it is that flexibility, and innovation in products and services, which helped the company’s growth.

“We don’t just say ‘here is the product, here is what you get’. We will tailor the bodies to suit the customer’s requirements for height, width or length.”

Changes to industry

Garwood International has witnessed trends within the industry, particularly a movement towards sustainable options for waste reduction.

“One of the major changes that we have seen in the industry is momentum towards recycling – it has come a long way,” Daniel says. “Recycling really has changed the way that collections are done.

“Everybody is trying to divert waste away from landfill whenever possible, so we have had to adapt our units to cater for that. Kerbside segregation has become an important aspect to garbage collection, which is why we have developed our DualPact unit.”

Garwood International’s DualPact rear-loader unit features two chambers, allowing for the simultaneous collection of two different waste streams. It’s another example of Garwood’s adaptable equipment, with the unit available in 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30 capacity percentage splits. The unit provides operators with a range of benefits, including reduced operating costs and time required for a collection. This is done by offering a solution for waste, which would usually require the running of two separate trucks.

Garwood International’s product range has been recognised for its excellence, nominated for the Premier’s New South Wales Export Awards six times.

“Everyone likes to see an Australian success story, and a family business such as ours certainly is. We are up against multi-national companies as competition, so we have a lot of pride in our journey as a company,” Daniel says.

“We do export our products as well. We have exported to over 20 countries across the globe, including to the established market in the United Kingdom.”

Garwood International was named the LGP (local government procurement) Approved Contractor of the Year in 2020 – selected from 900 registered businesses for the award.

“Our business growth, sustainability, the products we offer and the service we offer, all contributed to us being presented with what is a very prestigious award,” Daniel says.

Garwood was also presented with an innovation award from the AWRE, following the success of its miner rear loader unit. The unit was developed to enable operators to complete collections within tight spaces, in some cases with only a height clearance of 2.1 metres.

Garwood International is eyeing further expansion interstate, hoping to cater to the industry demand along the west coast.

“Plus, we are about to bring in a new front loader product line, so it is exciting times ahead for the business,” Daniel says.

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