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Pulverising C&D: Wastedrive

Wastedrive’s Blair Vincent outlines how robust and durable equipment can help C&D processors meet their environmental and economic obligations.

The Australian construction industry has grown significantly in recent decades, with population growth driving an influx of new infrastructure projects, both domestic and civic.

As a result, the level of waste produced by construction and demolition (C&D) has grown alongside it. According to the 2018 National Waste Report, C&D waste accounts for almost 40 per cent of total waste produced in Australia by weight.

Between 2016-17, more than 6.7 million tonnes of C&D waste was sent to landfill.

While rising landfill disposal costs provide an incentive to recycle, the material makeup of C&D presents a myriad of processing challenges.

Blair Vincent, Director of Australian and New Zealand based equipment distributor Wastedrive, says that to address those challenges, processors need access to robust and durable equipment.

Throughput is key, he adds, highlighting that while a commitment to driving greater C&D recovery is the backbone of the industry, it cannot be achieved without healthy economic viability.

Vincent notes a partnership with US based equipment manufacturer American Pulverizer as a key component of Wastedrive’s commitment to helping its clients deliver on their environmental and financial obligations.

Since 1908, the American Pulverizer Company of St. Louis, Missouri has been making size-reduction equipment for a range of industrial markets.

With origins in coal pulverising, the company has since widened its focus to address other markets, including the crushing and screening of scrap metal and C&D.

Given American Pulverizer has been operating for over 100 years, Vincent says the company’s shredders are equip with top-level design and manufacturing.

Plus, being American made, there is a high degree of quality assurance, he adds.

“Another benefit, particularly in our turbulent economic and political climate, is that it’s highly unlikely there will be trade disruptions with the US, unlike other parts of the world,” Vincent says.

“This means we will consistently be able to supply our clients with high quality and efficient machinery.”

Wastedrive has been operating in Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years. Vincent explains that Wastedrive’s primary focus is providing a turnkey solution to the recycling industry, primarily incorporating balers, Accent Wire Ties and conveyors.

He adds, however, that interest in the company’s American Pulverizer shredder range is growing.

“One of our standout offerings is the heavy-duty scrap shredder, which features a high-top middle housing design that allows for less horsepower consumption and increased casting wear life,” Vincent says.

The heavy-duty scrap shredder also features self-supporting grates, with oversized feed roll shafts enclosed in cast steel pillow blocks to facilitate abrasion resistance.

American Pulverizer shredders utilise a custom-made gear box, which delivers one of the highest documented torque values in the industry.

Wastedrive also offer an American Pulverizer Impactor SRI, which Vincent says suits similar applications to shredders, while employing a slightly different process.

Infeed material enters the impactor through a feed chute and is engaged by rigid rotor hammers before being hurled against impact arms.

Material size reduction is caused by the impact against impact curtains and hammers, and by collision with new infeed material entering the crusher.

As such, the machine principal promotes a uniform cubical product.

“We provided a proposal to a customer for the Impactor recently, and when I told them the machine would give them the ability to process up to 150 tonnes of C&D an hour, they queried me,” Vincent says.

“The throughput seemed too good to be true, but it’s not.”

Wastedrive provides its clients with a fully integrated service, Vincent explains, from foundational drawings to make sure side loads are optimised, through to the logistics of getting equipment onsite.

“We look after every aspect of the installation and commissioning. We also have an American Pulverizer representative who comes down from the States to help with commissioning,” Vincent says.

“On the aftersales front we provide parts for all of our customer and can ship those directly to them. We can also assist with servicing.”

Vincent adds that Wastedrive’s relationship with its clients doesn’t stop once they’ve bought the product.

“Wastedrive is committed to responding to clients quickly and providing cost effective, competitive pricing, turnkey logistics and schematics,” he says.

“Ultimately, we’re here to assist.”

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