Putting a cap on plastic waste

plastic waste

A new recycling program will divert discarded plastic waste from the graphics solutions industry to create raw materials for everyday products.

The Avery Dennison Plastic End Cap Recycling Program will be rolled out in Australia first, with plans to expand it across the South Asia Pacific Region.

The program focuses on waste material generated in operational use and will be implemented in collaboration with customers and partners.

David Newman, Senior Marketing Manager, Graphics Solutions, Asia Pacific, Avery Dennison said the company was working hard to drive change within the industry.

The plastic end cap recycling program is a response to growing customers’ demand for sustainability. Last year, Avery Dennison conducted customer interviews across multiple markets in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Southeast Asia, and South Asia. More than 85 per cent of the participants said that sustainability is a critical business priority.

Avery Dennison specialises in the design and manufacture of labelling and functional materials. Every roll of material that Avery Dennison delivers to its customers comes with a pair of plastic plugs known as end caps. These caps, made of either high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene,  suspend the two ends of the cylindrical core in each roll of film so that the material is safe from external damage. Traditionally, the end caps are discarded as waste and usually end up in landfills.

Through the recycling program, customers can store the discarded end caps in designated bulk bags provided by Avery Dennison. Full bags will be collected by the waste manager and sent to recycling centres where they will be processed into granules to be reused to manufacture new plastic products such as outdoor furniture or gardening products.

“Today’s announcement offers the pathway for local businesses such as converters and printers using Avery Dennison’s products to advance the circular economy,” said Jordan Leach, Business Director, Graphics Solutions, ANZ and ASEAN, Avery Dennison.

“By participating in this recycling program, businesses large and small in the graphics solutions industry will be taking the right step in making sustainability an integral part of their daily operations.”

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