Waste management gets $1.9m in QLD Budget

Dr Steven Miles QLD Environment Minister
The 2016-17 Queensland State Budget has allocated an extra $1.9 million to improve waste management and create jobs in recycling.

Announced on 14 June, the funding forms part of a series of measures the Queensland Government is undertaking to tackle waste, litter and recycling issues, including investing options for a container deposit scheme and a sugarcane fertiliser bag recycling pilot in North Queensland.

State Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles said the government’s focus was to achieve the right settings for the resource recovery industry to prosper.

“Through innovative solutions, we can achieve real change in waste management and create jobs,” Dr Miles said.

“There are more jobs in resource recovery than waste disposal. The government’s increased budget for waste will help promote enhanced recycling and waste diversion industries, leading to reduced landfill and reuse of materials.”

The minister highlighted how the government is working with other states on options to restrict plastic shopping bags, with a view to addressing the environmental problem of plastics. It is also undertaking programs to improve management of other problem wastes, such as batteries, tyres and food waste.

He emphasised that the government’s plan was to reduce environmental impacts from the creation and disposal of waste.

“Through strategic partnerships, the Queensland Government is leading solutions in recycling and resource re-use,” Dr Miles said. “We are finding solutions for high-impact problem wastes and exploring regulatory change.”

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