QLD consults on draft waste transport rules

The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) is seeking stakeholder feedback on its draft code of practice for the transport of regulated waste by road.

The DEHP regulates environmentally relevant activity (ERA) and published its codes of practice under ERA “standards”.  It has reviewed the current code of environmental compliance for certain aspects of regulated waste transport – version 4 and developed a new draft ERA 57 standard. This draft standard was recently released for public consultation.

The eligibility criteria and standard conditions of the proposed ERA 57 standard are based on the requirements in the existing code, but the conditions have been streamlined to align with the DEHP’s regulatory strategy.

The DEHP does not propose to apply the new standard retrospectively.

The consultation is open for comment until 28 June. The DEHP expects to finalise the new ERA 57 standard before the end of the year, although it will not take effect until it is proclaimed in regulation.

All feedback be made using the DEHP’s submissions template. This document and details of both the existing and draft standards are available from the DEHP website.

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