QLD Uni partners with council to promote waste workshop


Rockhampton Regional Council has partnered with the Central Queensland University (CQU) to look at potential ideas to divert waste from landfill.

The council is asking for input from the business community, as well as encouraging local businesses to look at alternative forms of waste removal.

Waste and Recycling Councillor Shane Latcham said that businesses had been encouraged to attend a workshop on the 2 June, in order to give ideas about the initiative.

“The reason we want to talk to businesses is because a significant amount of the waste that is created – such as textiles, wood, e-waste and organic waste – is potentially recoverable. It’s actually a resource for new items,” Latcham said.

“We really want to work with these businesses to understand what’s currently going to landfill and how we could work together to recover these materials.”

The workshop forms part of the Rockhampton Regional Council Waste Strategy, which aims for the region to become a zero-waste area by 2050.

Steve Williams, Program Manager Social Innovation at CQU said the project will help to promote sustainable waste solutions.

“CQUni are thrilled to be working with Rockhampton Regional Council to help move towards a more circular economy,” Williams said.

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