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Queensland to review waste strategy and levy

Queensland to review waste strategy and levy

The Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science has commenced reviews for their Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy, as well at its underpinning waste disposal levy.

The strategy was introduced in July 2019 as part of the Queensland Government’s vision to make the state waste-free, with the reintroduction of a waste disposal levy as a key element.

This was in reaction to a disproportionate increase in Queensland’s waste production in 2017-18, which saw the state produce 11 million tonnes of waste, recovering or recycling just 45 per cent – below the national average.

Part of this was attributed to waste transported from interstate due to Queensland’s lack of a waste disposal levy. Such a levy was initially introduced in December 2011 but was promptly abandoned in July 2012 due to a change in State Government policy.

Under the Waste Disposal and Recycling Act 2011, the effectiveness of the waste levy must be reviewed within three years of its introduction.

Feedback is being sought in particular on the continued effectiveness and relevance of the strategy’s three strategic priorities: reducing the impact of waste on the environment, transitioning to a circular economy, and building economic opportunity.

While the department has stated it is open to feedback on how levy funds are used, it is not planning to review levy rates, levy zones, or their commitment to reinvesting at least 70 per cent of the levy funds back into waste and environmental initiatives.

Consultations for the reviews are open until Friday 10 June 2022 and is planning to organise several information sessions during this period.

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