Recyclables paving the way for roads

The Greater Shepparton City Council has begun a trial further investigating the potential of recycled glass and pavement.

The council plans to incorporate recycled glass as well as pavement to refurbish Kialla Lakes Drive, a road regularly used by those in the region.

Greater Shepparton City Council Director of Infrastructure Phil Hoare predicts the construction to have a positive impact on both the environment and the local community.

“Incorporating recycled glass sand into the base layer makes sense, using a waste product, recycling it to renew a road it’s better for the environment,” he said.

“We are very keen to explore every option we have to increase recycling and reuse of waste products.”

The road will consist of around 352,000 bottles worth of glass and will ensure no further costs for the council.

The glass and excess pavement used in the trial offers an alternative use for the products, rather than relying on landfill to store the recyclable materials.

Kialla Lakes Drive required renewing, with over 7000 vehicles using the road every day. The road was seen as an ideal suitor for the recycled glass and pavement trial.

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