Recycled glass to be used in Epping, Melbourne road repairs

In what will be a state-wide first, the City of Whittlesea is set to repair sections of Yale Drive in Epping with recycled glass.

The glass used in the repairs will be collected from kerbside recycling bins, then converted into glass sand which will be used in an asphalt mix. Conventional asphalt will also be used in the repairs.

The project will be delivered in conjunction with Repurpose It, a local recycling business and Metro Asphalt.

The project will be funded as part of the Victorian Government’s Sustainability Infrastructure Fund.

City of Whittlesea Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said the project will form part of the council’s current commitment to sustainability.

“Council is committed to finding infrastructure solutions that withstand changing climates and has minimal cost to our environment in its production and application,” Wilson said.

The recycled road is expected to have the same longevity as traditional asphalt, will be cheaper in cost and will also provide a smoother experience for motorists.

The project will be monitored for performance against another section of the road which will be repaired by using conventional asphalt methods.

The project is due to be commence by mid-2021.

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