RecycleSmart, OzHarvest tackle food waste challenge this Christmas

recyclesmart food

This Christmas, RecycleSmart is supporting food rescue organisation OzHarvest to address the food waste challenge head-on.

As holiday preparations kick into high gear, households across Australia are gearing up for the festive feasts that come with Christmas. However, amid the excitement, there’s a sobering reality – the country faces a  food waste problem. Australians discard 7.6 million tonnes of food annually, while 3.7 million households struggle to put food on their tables.

RecycleSmart has a solution that makes donating food as easy as ordering a pizza. Residents in Melbourne can now participate in the OzHarvest Christmas Food Drive using RecycleSmart’s platform until January 15.

During this special Christmas food drive, participants can place non-perishable items such as pasta, rice, canned fruits, vegetables, tuna, tinned or jarred sauces, biscuits, tea, coffee, cereals, and muesli bars in grocery sized bags, along with their tricky-to-recycle items. These donations will be delivered to OzHarvest on behalf of the contributors, ensuring delicious and nutritious meals reach those facing tough times.

“We’re passionate about reducing food waste and giving back to the community,” says Giorgio Baracchi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at RecycleSmart.

“By supporting OzHarvest, we aim to make a significant impact by turning the spirit of giving into a powerful force against food waste.”

Spread the joy of giving this Christmas by donating food to those in need while reducing what’s sent to landfill by booking a Power Pickup today.


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