RecycleSmart puts the ‘mobile’ in mobile phone recycling

mobile phone recycling

It is estimated that there are as many as 23.5 million unused mobile phones in Australia, with most households holding onto at least two. This month, RecycleSmart and MobileMuster have teamed up to encourage Sydneysiders to reuse or recycle any old tech they have lying around collecting dust.

For residents in RecycleSmart’s 12 partnering councils, mobile phones, accessories and smartwatches can be recycled along with other problem waste categories (such as soft plastics, clothing, batteries and light bulbs) via RecycleSmart’s on-demand home collection service.

RecycleSmart will take eligible items to be recycled safely and responsibly by MobileMuster’s government-accredited industry stewardship program.

MobileMuster recovers more than 95 per cent of the materials from mobiles and accessories, which are then used to manufacture new products. This process reduces the environmental impact of mobile phones, bypassing future greenhouse gas emissions and conserving natural resources.

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