Reducing food waste now on the menu

The New South Wales EPA has launched an online guide, promoting a reduction in levels of food wastage.

The ‘Your Business is Food’ resource suggests alternative forms of managing with excess stock and produce in the form of email updates and updated information.

EPA Organics Manager Amanda Kane said the resource will aid businesses and residents to re-think their approach to food use.

“If you’re in the business of food then you already know that wasting food costs you money,” she said.

Kane also says the financial impacts of the pandemic on the food industry should be another added incentive for businesses to reduce costs.

“With the impact of Covid-19 hitting the restaurant industry hard, wasting money by wasting food just isn’t smart business practice,” she said.

The resource offers suggestions such as more efficiently managing stock and storage, monitoring plate waste and re-designing menus as possible solutions to food waste.

The six-week program will also aid businesses to promote practises to employees to reduce food wastage within businesses.

‘Your Business is Food’ is now online, with both food businesses and residents being encouraged to sign up.

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