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REMONDIS Australia

Remondis - Melbourne - Australia

As one of the world’s largest privately run recycling, service, and water companies with business locations in over 30 countries across four continents, REMONDIS has the scale to make a difference.

A family-run company founded in 1934, REMONDIS employs more than 36,000 people and processes around 30 million tonnes of recyclable materials each year, benefitting 30 million people worldwide.

REMONDIS launched in Australia in 1982 and has since grown and diversified to become one of the leading waste and recycling companies in the country.

Acclaimed for its focus on customer support and service excellence, REMONDIS works collaboratively with over 15,000 businesses across Australia. It helps deliver innovative, safe and reliable waste collection, disposal and recycling solutions for commercial and industrial businesses across all industries and for the municipal sector.

REMONDIS is a global leader in waste management, successfully operating an international network of more than 800 sorting, treatment and processing facilities.

With teams of experts in facility design, construction and operation in both Australia and Europe, it has the ability to manage and operate customised treatment facilities that will meet the needs of both current and future generations.

Its family of brands within Australia includes Eastern Liquid Services, Organic Environmental Solutions, Waste2Water Technologies and Aquasoil Recycling in Victoria, and a share in Environmental Treatment Solutions in New South Wales.

REMONDIS Aqua provides wastewater treatment solutions for rural and remote sites such as mines, construction camps, holiday parks, islands or for disaster relief operations, where connection is limited.

For solid waste, Red Earth Industrial Services is a unique solution for the remote towns of Weipa, Napranum and Mapoon, formed in joint venture with members of the local indigenous community to operate the municipal waste collection of the regions 3,500 people.

For it’s large-scale customers, REMONDIS’ Integrated and Managed Services (IMS) division is Australia’s largest environmental managed services provider.

It delivers the comprehensive management of waste, recycling, water treatment, site remediation and ancillary management services tailored to the specific needs of our customers, working in partnership with our peers in the waste industry to curate solutions for large-scale customers with complex needs.

The IMS approach is independent and impartial – with a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and financial management.

By sharing their knowledge from across all their divisions, REMONDIS believe it can work together to bring the vision of sustainable Australia, a future in which waste is a valued resource – closer to reality.

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