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REMONDIS’ breakthrough opportunity

Remondis Aqua

REMONDIS Aqua prepares to commission its first commercial wastewater treatment plant in Brisbane.

REMONDIS Aqua has been busy since launching in Australia in 2019 – recently securing two big Queensland contracts in the transport and local government sectors.

REMONDIS Aqua is preparing to commission its first commercial wastewater treatment plant in Brisbane at REMONDIS’ existing waste transfer station in Northgate, with operations scheduled to start this financial year. 

The new plant will complement REMONDIS’ existing activities and provide a much-needed new hub for wastewater treatment in South-East Queensland. 

When operational, the commercial wastewater treatment plant will be configured to treat standard commercial wastewaters, with scope for growth into other more complex categories of commercial and industrial wastewater. 

The plant will initially only be available for REMONDIS operations but is licenced to accept third party liquid waste. REMONDIS Aqua is hopeful of moving towards such arrangements in the second half of 2022. 

Sebastian Weil, REMONDIS Aqua Australia Director, says the proximity of the plant to Brisbane’s trade coast industrial area and key transport corridors, positions the venture as an alternative to existing wastewater disposal points on the city fringe. 

He says it will offer the market greater convenience and choice and reduce the need for extended transport, bringing down operational costs. A range of additional staff will be recruited, including water treatment operators, engineers and contract managers. 

Remondis Aqua
Sebastian Weil

Sebastian says the Northgate facility will advance the business footprint in South-East Queensland.  

“This is about adding a new dynamic to market-leading liquid waste treatment, with a focus on boosting cost and time efficiencies for our customers,” he says. “Being able to take advantage of the existing REMONDIS infrastructure and in-house technological expertise means our facility will avoid issues such as odour and wet weather access, which can hamper wastewater disposal points.

“Our technological excellence across different industries will enable us to recover valuable resources from multiple streams of industrial and commercial waste-waters, lifting recycling and future circular economy opportunities.’’


The new project follows REMONDIS Aqua securing key Queensland contracts with rail logistics giant Aurizon and Gladstone Regional Council. Under those arrangements, REMONDIS Aqua is servicing and maintaining Aurizon’s sewage and pollution treatment plants at Toowoomba, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Bowen and Townsville. 

REMONDIS Aqua also operates and maintains two wastewater treatment plants for Gladstone Regional Council, including the operation and maintenance of a water recycling plant to produce recycled water for vehicle washing. 

The company has been examining opportunities within the Australian food and beverage sector, having identified multiple areas where its specialised services can be used. With water usage and wastewater disposal being key issues across the sector, Sebastian says he and his team are sounding out sector leaders, canvassing ideas around cost and emission efficiency.

“Given today’s onus on big business to embrace and display social and environmental responsibility, we think we’re close to a series of breakthrough offerings among some big names in the Australian food and beverage sector,” Sebastian says. “Although much of what we’re doing is commercial in confidence at this stage, we can say we’ve made promising progress exchanging ideas on ways forward.

“Much of what we’re proposing is based on our experiences overseas, where we play a leading role helping foremost players in the production industries to find operational efficiencies. This is usually through the introduction of REMONDIS technology involving wastewater treatment, recycled water, anaerobic digestion and biogas utilisation. 

“We have every confidence we can introduce these technologies to the Australian market in partnership with local operators.’’ 

An arm of the German headquartered REMONDIS group, REMONDIS Aqua is one of the world’s foremost water and wastewater treatment specialists. Having provided services for more than 35 years, more than 10 million individuals, corporate and government clients globally rely on REMONDIS Aqua for water management solutions. 

For more information, visit: www.remondis-australia.com.au 

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