Reviva Reuse Shop revitalised Toowoomba, Queensland

Reviva Reuse Shop revitalised Toowoomba, Queensland

Toowoomba Regional Council is set to open its second Reviva Reuse Shop in May, following the success of its first store at the Greater Toowoomba Waste Management Facility.

TRC has partnered with Resource Recovery Australia to further spread the importance of recycling household waste.

TRC Water and Waste Committee Portfolio Leader Nancy Sommerfield said the re-introduction of the Reviva store will help to encourage recycling and reusing behaviours in the community.

“The current Reviva Reuse Shop at Wellcamp diverts more than 400 tonnes of the region’s waste from landfills each year,” Sommerfield said.

“I’m delighted there is now even more opportunity in the Toowoomba Region for residents to donate and repurpose a wide range of items and used materials.”

Sommerfield also stressed the importance of community and local participation in the Reviva store.

“Working together as a community to reuse and upcycle, we reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfill and make a meaningful difference to the environment while supporting a successful social enterprise,” she said.

Reviva Reuse Manager Jeff Prater said the store’s uniqueness and effect on the community was a key reason for the revitalisation.

“Reviva isn’t your typical reuse shop, we offer a great range of beautifully presented, high-quality second-hand goods that won’t cost the earth.”

“This second Reviva shop provides real employment and training opportunities for locals who need a chance. We are working towards a true, circular economy with local, green jobs,” Prater said.

The store will open on the 7th of May and residents are being encouraged to donate unwanted goods to the store.

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