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Rich soil with the TEREX ECOTEC TTS620T: Finlay Waste and Recycling

Jamie Marslen, Co-Founder of Gippsland Soil Solutions, shares how efficient machinery has leveraged the company’s unique organic recycling system.   

Home and garden retailers are seeing a dramatic surge in consumer demand, as more people use extra time at home to complete outdoor projects and maintenance.

According to a recent worldwide survey by the Australian Retailers Association, 72 per cent of respondents said they’re buying more sustainable-friendly products.

Unsurprisingly, quality and price led consumer considerations, noted by 89 per cent of respondents respectively.

Jamie Marslen, Co-Founder of Gippsland Soil Solutions, says the company’s clients have seen an uptick in demand for its premium soil, due to more consumers engaging with garden supply centres during stay at home restrictions.

“People are definitely doing more gardening, but they’re also realising the importance of high-quality topsoil and organic compost, which we manufacture to AS4419-2018 standards,” Marslen says.

He credits Gippsland Soil Solutions’ Terex TTS620T Trommel, purchased through Finlay Waste and Recycling, as critical to the company’s operations.

“The Trommel can easily meet our flexible demands for screening soil.”

Marslen and his father established the company in 2009 and have continued to build the business from the ‘soil’ up.

The operation is based in Morwell, and Marslen says as an innovative and environmentally conscious organisation, Gippsland Soil Solutions recycle carefully assessed paper pulp products as part of their manufacturing process, adding value to resources and reducing landfill.

“This organic recycling system is unique to Gippsland Soil Solutions, increasing valuable organic matter levels in both our Premium Topsoil and Topsoil products,” Marslen says.

Backed by some of the most experienced agronomists, soil science and technical support in the industry, Marslen says the company is at the forefront of the manufacture and distribution of premium topsoil.

He explains that Gippsland Soil Solutions’ partnership with Finlay is vital to collaborating as market leaders. Marslen adds that the company knew they needed to elevate operational efficiency onsite with high quality processing equipment.

In 2019, the TTS620T Trommel was first introduced into Gippsland Soil Solutions’ operation and Marslen says it has been the “ultimate machine” ever since.

With an intuitive push button control panel, the TTS620T allows operators to easily configure the machine to suit required applications, while an intelligent feeder control system continually adjusts the feeder speed to optimise screening rates.

Special consideration has also been given to minimise change out time for the screening drum. The process, which takes a matter of minutes, places the TTS620T as a market leader.

The Trommel model is ideal for Gippsland Soil Solutions, due to its focused design for compost, biomass, soil, gravel and waste operations.

“Organic matter and recycled paper compost are added to our premium topsoil for improved water and nutrient holding capabilities, which is then screened to 16-millimetre minus for product consistency and conformance to AS4419-2018 – soil for landscaping and garden use,” he says.

Marslen adds that the company required a modern trommel design with unrivalled application flexibility to enhance its manufacturing process.

“Compared to our previous operation before the TTS620T Trommel, we have seen a greater output. We needed a bigger machine as our business was expanding and I’m confident now that our operation is at its best level of efficiency,” he says.

The advanced material processing control system has been particularly important to meet client needs in the garden supply industry, as it experiences an influx in demand.

“It’s absolutely important our machinery can provide our clients with the capacity and quality they’re looking for so we can always deliver a consistent product,” Marslen says.

He highlights the TTS620T Trommel’s ease of maintenance and ability to maximise Gippsland Soil Solutions’ production in a cost-effective manner. All conveyors are built to a modular design allowing each one to be removed independently.

Marslen says the wheeled or tracked machine benefits flexibility, commenting that the swing out engine cradle gives operators unrestricted ground level access to all service components.

Hinged doors on both sides of the trommel drum also offer unobstructed access.

“Our aim is to increase our client’s business productivity, safety and help find sustainable solutions to environmental challenges,”
Marslen says.

“Systematic machinery such as the TTS620T Trommel is essential to our operation and innovative organisation.”

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