Rino Recycling’s new plant sets standard for C&D processing

rino recycling

In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are paramount, Rino Recycling is charging ahead to become a leading producer of recycled construction materials in Queensland, providing an alternative to virgin quarried material such as road base, aggregates, and sand.  

Rino Recycling chose Turmec to design and build the construction and demolition (C&D) processing plant situated on the outskirts of Brisbane, with CDE providing the wash line. 

Geoff Bailey, Turmec Chief Executive Officer, says the plant is a testament to innovation and determination in combatting the waste crisis while promoting a circular economy.

Designed to tackle the challenge of waste management head-on, the facility is set to process 475 tonnes of waste every hour and is licensed to manage 1.5 million tonnes of mixed construction waste annually. Its mission? To achieve landfill diversion and recovery rates of up to 97 per cent – unprecedented in waste recycling, according to Geoff.

Construction on the new plant began in January 2023 and by August 2023, the project had reached mechanical installation completion, with commissioning and handover expected early October. 

With an overall project value of more than $90 million, the plant signifies a significant investment in the future of sustainability. 

“The facility promises to be not only a symbol of technological advancement but also a beacon of responsible waste management,” says Geoff. “Its sheer scale is awe-inspiring. Its interior volume spans the equivalent of 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools, a representation of the magnitude of effort and resources dedicated to crafting this centre of sustainability. 

“What sets this facility apart is not just its size but its purpose-driven design. It is a carefully orchestrated mechanism to transform recyclables into high-quality resources.”

rino recycling
The plant is purposefully designed to transform recyclables into resources.

The plant will produce sand, fill, road base, and aggregate materials, all poised to re-enter the construction cycle in a myriad of new projects, spanning road construction to architectural ventures such as Olympic stadia. 

Geoff says Turmec’s design demonstrates that waste is not the end of the line but rather a raw material for the next generation of sustainable construction. 

The facility is equipped to process a diverse array of waste types. 

Turmec’s design incorporates four feed-in points for varying profiles of waste: raw dirty fill; heavy construction and demolition waste; light construction and skip waste; and wet wastes such as non-destructive digging (NDD) and street sweepings.

The waste streams pass through various sizing, separation and wash technologies to yield clean and marketable soils, sands, aggregates, metals and timber, with the residual being prepared as an alternative fuel. 

Daniel Blaser, General Manager, Rino Recycling, says the company is determined to lead the way and drive positive change in Australia’s waste management and recycling sector.  

“Our dedication is clearly showcased by our collaboration with global recycling solution pioneers, Turmec and CDE, in establishing a state-of-the-art facility. The Rino plant is testament to our commitment to building a strong, sustainable recycling industry,” Daniel says. 

“We take immense pride in our pivotal role in propelling Queensland’s shift towards a circular economy and look forward to enabling our stakeholders to seize similar opportunities for positive change.”

Geoff adds that it’s an exciting time for Turmec as it begins to commission what is the biggest integrated C&D plant in the world.  

“The collaborative approach taken between the contracting parties will result in a superior performing plant being delivered within plan,” Geoff says. 

“As the world watches this marvel of engineering come to life on the Australian landscape, it is a reminder that solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental issues are within reach, waiting to be unleashed.”  

 For more information, visit: www.turmec.com

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