RMIT University uncovering “secret life” of food waste

Very little food waste egnerated by the commercial and industrial sector is recycled
Restaurants dumping 250,000 tonnes of food waste into Australian landfills a year.

Research by RMIT University has found that restaurants and cafés are throwing away over 120 grams of food for every person they serve ­– the equivalent to a whole large muffin or half a steak per person.

This equates to over 250,000 tonnes of food waste every year that is ending up in landfill, generating approximately 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases (CO2 equivalents) a year.

The university is now studying consumer attitudes towards food and food waste via this 10-minute survey . Any person who eats out is encouraged to take the survey.

Participating businesses in Watch My Waste measure their food waste over time and fill in a business operations survey that helps identify the potential influential factors behind food waste creation. Participating businesses have seen reductions in their food waste by around 40 per cent. Registration for foodservice businesses is at:

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