Rubbish dumpers fined

rubbish dumpers

Rubbish dumpers in Brimbank are feeling the sting of tougher fines and surveillance cameras in rubbish dumping hotspots.

In the past nine months, Brimbank Council in Victoria has sent out fines totalling more than $150,000 to individuals and businesses caught dumping rubbish in the municipality. Fines ranged from $363 to more than $5000.

Over the same period dumped rubbish collected by Brimbank Council has dropped by 20 per cent.

Changes to Environmental Protection Authority laws, starting in July 2021, resulted in these tougher fines. In some cases, fines for litter dumping have more than doubled and there are harsh penalties for matters that go to court.

Council also operates several covert and overt surveillance cameras across Brimbank. Where cameras are installed and enforcement activities undertaken, there is a measurable decrease in dumping and an improvement in overall amenity in the area.

Cr Jasmine Nguyen, Brimbank Mayor said litter dumpers hurt the environment and the community.

“Council spends approximately $1 million investigating, enforcing and cleaning up illegally dumped rubbish annually. It’s important for the minority of people and businesses who dump rubbish to know that there are harsh penalties for those who get caught,” she said.

“There are also better and affordable ways to responsibly get rid of your unwanted goods.”

Residents who come across dumped litter can report this and anonymously report offenders on a council website.

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