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Olive processors in South Australia have an incentive to reuse wastewater instead of discharging it to the sewer.

The state’s environmental watchdog is waiving some licence fees for olive processors undertaking approved wastewater reuse.

The waiver is an interim measure while the Environment Protection Authority conducts a review of its fee structure and could result in savings of about $6400 a year for eligible businesses.

Tim Gubbin, Senior Environment Protection Officer, said permanent changes to the licence fee structure would be considered during the review in order to promote the reuse of wastewater by olive processors.

“In the interim, olive processors can apply for the fee reduction where they can show that they are either reusing the water such as for sustainable irrigation or supplying it to another licensed operator for sustainable reuse,” Gubbin says.

“The opportunity to reduce fees is an incentive for businesses to operate more sustainably.

“Allowing partial fee relief now, while the legislative changes are being undertaken, gives the EPA a greater ability to promote use that is consistent with the waste management hierarchy, under which disposal of waste to sewer is the least preferable outcome.”

Gubbins says on-site wastewater management needs to consider potential impacts such as odour generation and effects on soils and groundwater.

The EPA works with its licensees – about 2500 businesses in South Australia – to reduce risks to the environment.

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