SA seeks feedback on first waste infrastructure plan

South Australia Environment Minister Ian Hunter


South Australian Environment Minister Ian Hunter has launched a consultation on a new strategy for waste and resource recovery in the state.

The South Australia’s Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan, launched in late September, aims to guide future decisions in planning, investment and job creation in the sector around waste, recycling and resource recovery infrastructure. It brings together the best available information and data to forecast future waste flows and maps existing waste and resource recovery facilities by major types.

Published as a consultation document, the SA Government is looking for feedback from stakeholders across the waste and resource recovery industry, local government and the community to develop the final plan.

Commenting on the draft publication, Minister Hunter said: “This is the first time that such a plan has been developed for our State, and there is great benefit from having a clearer understanding of waste and resource recovery infrastructure needs throughout South Australia.

“The State Government knows how important the sector is to our economy, as modelling based on a moderate diversion scenario over the next 10 years estimates an extra $110.4 million in Gross State Product and additional 1,045 full time equivalent jobs could be created.”

Building on the work undertaken for the South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2015-2020, when finalised, the new plan will present the best ways to attract infrastructure investment and innovation, focus on economies of scale and remanufacturing opportunities, and build on the state’s existing capabilities.

The draft plan models projections for future trends in waste generation, recovery and landfilling, potential infrastructure needs and associated investment, as well as identifying potential future infrastructure needs and investment opportunities, providing valuable intelligence to industry to inform investment decisions.

“Our vision is for South Australia is to build upon our internationally-recognised waste and resource recovery achievements through continuous improvement and development of this important sector to our economy,” added Minister Hunter.

The draft plan is available from

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