SA food waste strategy launched

Green Industries South Australia has launched an Australian first strategy, which aims to address food waste.

The strategy outlines ways to prevent food waste before it occurs, as well outlines statistics relating to food waste.

In South Australia food waste makes up approximately 22 per cent of total household waste collected at kerbside by weight, and 40 per cent of material presented in household waste bins.

The strategy aims to change the behavioural actions as well as integrate policy measures in order to address the estimated 200,00 tonnes of food waste which is sent to landfill each year in South Australia.

The strategy has also been developed around realistic factors, including the knowledge that not all excess food is suitable for human consumption.

However, solutions such as composting can assist to divert excess food away from landfill, as the strategy says.

The strategy has been stated as a 2020-2025 policy, with updates to the policy likely to come.

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