SECOS wins $1.5m contract with Penrith City Council

Sustainable bioplastics developer SECOS Group Limited has won a material contract to supply compostable bags to Sydney’s Penrith City Council.

The contract with Penrith City Council in Sydney is the largest active waste diversion program amongst the city councils. The contract is valued at more than $1.5 million over a term of 18 months, and represents approximately 7 per cent of total company sales compared to FY17.

The contract was won through its subsidiary Cardia Bioplastics (Cardia).

The company remains confident of the demand outlook for its eco-friendly compostable waste management products, as local authorities in Australia and abroad increasingly seek to divert organic food waste from landfill.

SECOS Managing Director Stephen Walters said diverting organic waste from the landfill waste stream minimises councils’ rapidly-rising tipping fees and significantly cuts the landfills’ release of methane gas.

“At every opportunity, SECOS is looking to find innovative ways to reduce the ecological impact of the way we live on the planet. After all, SECOS got its name from striving to deliver Sustainable ECOlogical Solutions,” he said.

City of Penrith Mayor John Thain, said the council is intently focused on sustainable waste management and resource recovery services.

SECOS expects to see continued growth in the waste management market both locally and globally as local councils and governments strive to implement organic waste diversion programs aimed at providing significant economic and environmental benefits.

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