Seed The Ground, Allpress Espresso partnership keeps used coffee grinds out of landfill

used coffee grinds

Miami-based Seed The Ground has teamed up with international coffee roaster, Allpress Espresso to keep used coffee grinds out of Gold Coast landfill.

Since October 2023, 5819 kilograms of used coffee grinds, equivalent to 264,500 cups of Allpress Espresso coffee, have been diverted from entering and contaminating Gold Coast landfill.

Allpress has forged a Product Stewardship partnership with Seed The Ground, supporting ten of its supplier cafes, including Nectar (North Burleigh Surf Club), Sparrow, Urban Eatery, and Alfreds Apartment, to join the cause and keep their coffee out of landfill.

“We are proud of what we have achieved in the past six months for the Gold Coast. The Product Stewardship partnership is about Allpress and some of its wholesale partner cafes sharing in the responsibility for our products life cycle, reducing the environmental impacts of coffee waste,” said Nathan Slevin, Allpress Global Project Executive for Sustainability.

 “We are helping to complete the circular life cycle of our product. We purchase arabica specialty grade coffee from various global regions and now we can return the by-product of coffee (used grinds) back to the soil to support growing more food and soil rejuvenation.”

 Ed Hatcher, of Alfred’s Apartment Café, said being part of the program had helped staff connect to the waste that is created daily at the café and reduced the need for as many general waste collections.

 Traditionally, used coffee grinds would end up in black plastic bin bags en route to Gold Coast landfill. However, with this partnership, used coffee grinds are collected and composted by Seed the Ground.

“Used coffee grinds (organic waste) in landfill rots anaerobically producing methane gas which is 25 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. It creates a toxic sandwich that leeches into our waterways and surrounding soils,” said Seed the Grounds Co-Director Jess Maxted.

“So far, the actions of Allpress have avoided 11,056 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (Co2-e) emissions created on the Gold Coast.”

 Seed The Ground, based in Southern Gold Coast, is on a mission to keep local businesses and residents’ food waste out of landfill, via their composting programs at suburban hubs in Miami, Burleigh Heads, Northern Gold Coast, Currumbin and Varsity.

 “Managing organic waste created close to its source makes a lot of sense. We need avoid expanding landfills, reduce congestion created by large waste vehicles and focus on this stream of waste as a resource, not waste,” Maxted said.

Maxted envisions more roasters joining the program.

“It’s not just about composting – it’s about building a network of likeminded businesses and residents who understand the power of collective action. We like getting out hands dirty for a clean cause.”

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