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BOMAG BC573RB-3: Tutt Bryant Group Limited

Tutt Bryant Group Limited explains how BOMAG’s latest compactor is helping the landfill industry improve its compaction rates and reduce fuel consumption.

For more than 60 years, original equipment manufacturer BOMAG has formed a valuable part of compaction technology history.

The company developed many new technologies with a focus on innovation, safety and cost-effectiveness over that time, setting the pace for the industry.

To optimise profitability for landfill operators, BOMAG focused its efforts on improving efficiency and power in its compactors, while reducing costs and ensuring safety. Equipment sales provider Tutt Bryant Group Limited is proud to be a part of this journey, according to John Glossat, National Business Development Manager –BOMAG.

In developing its latest iteration, the BC573RB-3, BOMAG applied direct feedback from the landfill industry.

“The landfill industry is constantly changing, which is why BOMAG stays in touch with operators through international conferences and local site visits,” John says.

“One of the most recent conferences we attended was in the Asia Pacific region earlier this year. BOMAG took questions and feedback and we had some good suggestions from operators, contractors and dealer representatives to enhance even further the already successful BOMAG models.”

Improving efficiency is particularly important as environmental regulations become increasingly stringent across Australia. While regulations differ state to state, many environmental protection authorities (EPA) continue to closely monitor landfills to ensure they are compliant with their EPA licence. Preserving airspace is also of great importance as approvals on new landfills become more difficult.

“BOMAG has responded to these concerns and proved its compaction success. Improving safety and efficiency has never been more important,” John says.

The BC573RB-3 was introduced in the Australian market by Tutt Bryant in June this year. While the previous BC572RB-2 model has been popular with local governments and landfill contractors for the past 15 years, John says the latest model comes with a range of new features, most notably its BOMAG Polygon wheels for an efficient, two-stage compaction and greater emphasis on operator safety.

With fuel consumption being a key concern for any landfill operator, John says the BOMAG BC772RB-3 was designed to handle peak workloads with ease. He says the well-designed and powerful turbo diesel engine reduces fuel consumption, resulting in 10 per cent less fuel used than previous models.

A temperature-governed cooling system is regulated by speed, which also lowers fuel consumption. The cooling system reduces the carbon footprint, as the entire unit has been designed to comply with exhaust regulations. Pollution caused by dust and gas is significantly lowered by the cab filter system.

John says the flexible compactor ensures refuse can be distributed into the appropriate thickness required by the operator on site.

“For even distribution, the operator requires precision machinery, high thrust forces and high traction. This is why BOMAG has designed a stress-free and easily manoeuvrable joystick – with consideration given to long shifts.”

Giving due consideration to the driver is another important factor BOMAG considered in the design of the BC573RB-3. The compactor helps reduce driver fatigue through a flexibly mounted cab and low sound pressure level. Safety is enhanced through a large windscreen that ensures the best overview of the working environment, and a dashboard which provides important information in the driver’s field of vision. Two exterior rear-view mirrors offer greater overview of the work site. The BC573RB-3 allows for easy access to all its major components and the mechanics work safely above waste loads.   

He says the load limit control smoothly adjusts travel speed automatically to suit the load, improving proficiency. The oscillating articulated joint, which connects the unit to the engine, allows 15 degree and 40 degree steering to either side between front and rear frames. The result ensures the unit maintains contact at all times with the ground and synchronises with the load. Polygon disc wheels with compressor teeth is another notable feature of the latest BOMAG compactor, which facilitates stable ground contact.

“Specially shaped polygon compaction segments with attached compaction teeth have been welded to assist compaction. These are made of high wear-resistant cast composite, with the two materials cast in sequence for a longer service life,” John explains.

The BC572RB-3’s front and rear wheel offset increases the kneading and compaction of refuse by covering the complete surface.

Another important consideration in the machine’s servicing is maintenance, with packages to suit individual requirements. The standard BOMAG TELEMATIC system also provides constant updates, with the ability to monitor and manage the BC573RB-3. In keeping with BOMAG’s focus on innovation, the telematics feature allows operators to ascertain the machines position, high/low workloads, hour meter readings and more.

It also allows fuel costs to be allocated in detail and servicing work to be planned and documented.

“By using the latest, well-designed components, BOMAG continues to ensure that landfill operators are equipped with a compactor that meets the ever-changing demands of the industry.”

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