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SEW-EURODRIVE takes it up a notch with SPIROPLAN gear units


SPIROPLAN® gear units can be put to a wide variety of uses in almost all applications in the lower to mid torque range.

Thanks to a two-stage and three-stage design, the W.9 series gear units open a wide spectrum of gear ratios while also offering a high level of efficiency. The W.59 extends the series with another size in the torque range up to 600 Nm.

SPIROPLAN® gear units and gear motors have been a core element of SEW-EURODRIVE’s portfolio for many years. The SPIROPLAN® gearing makes an efficient gear unit design possible and is a dependable and wear-free right-angle unit.

In the case of the W..9 gear units, the SPIROPLAN® gearing is situated in the first stage and has a relatively small gear ratio. The second and, depending on the overall gear ratio, third gear unit stages feature helical gearing. As a result, the overall efficiency of the gear unit is very high, even in the case of large overall gear ratios. The three-stage design can achieve overall gear ratios of i > 200.

By combining the gear unit with an IE3 DRN motor, customers can achieve an energy-efficient drive that is both very compact and runs quietly. This makes the drive ideal for installation in logistics systems situated in close proximity to people.

When it comes to connecting to the customer application, the new W..9 gear units can be ordered as a solid shaft with flange, in a shaft-mounted design, with a hollow shaft and key, with a hollow shaft and shrink disc, and with the TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system.

The product’s lightweight aluminium housing is an advantage for lightweight machine designs and mobile applications. The high level of efficiency across the entire range makes it possible to achieve an energy-efficient gear unit that runs quietly at any speed. The service concept has also been improved so that standard oils can be used exclusively. The universal SEW interface ensures the gear unit can be combined with all SEW motors, including options, and supports the attachment of adapters for IEC motors or servomotors and covers with an input shaft.

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