Smart Cara food waste recycling composter

Zero Waste Systems Smart Cara food composter
Designed to counteract the amount of food waste sent to landfill with the associated environmental impacts of methane production, leachates and unnecessary use of landfill space, the Smart Cara is a state-of-the-art, indoor food waste recycling composter for domestic use.

With Smart Cara, users simply load the food waste in the removable basket and turn on the machine; no enzymes, pellets or additives are required.

Depending on the moisture content of the material, the system will dry and grind the kitchen scraps into a highly matured, nutrient-rich flake at around 10 per cent of the original volume in as little as three hours. This makes it an ideal additive for the garden and reduces the amount of waste disposed of in the kitchen bin waste.

The Smart Cara is compact, odour free and economical to run, making it ideal for domestic kitchens. It weighs just 9kg, measures less than a 12-inch record in size and is only 35cm high, and has a 1kg capacity.

With a one-touch operation, the machine doesn’t require any venting, draining, water or additives, and its unique filters eliminate unpleasant smells.

The waste food is transformed into a dry flake, nutrient-rich food for soil, a renewable source of energy, or animal feed.

The Smart Cara is distributed in Australia by WA-based Zero Waste Systems, which also offers the ES series food waste management systems designed for medium-to-large size food service operations.

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