GCM Enviro’s TANA Shark Waste Shredder

GCM Enviro’s TANA Shark Waste Shredder has saved North Wyong Recycling thousands of dollars in transport costs.

Moving recyclable material more than 800km from NSW to Queensland requires maximum payload to optimise fuel costs, which is why North Wyong Recycling recognised the benefit of investing in new technology.

In 2015, the medium-sized business, which specialises in construction and demolition (C&D) waste, spent four months carrying about 16 to 17 tonnes of waste from the town of Wyong, in the Central Coast region, to Veolia’s recycling facility in Archerfield, Brisbane. Two vehicles of about 140 m³ transported 34 tonnes of crushed, separated and recycled C&D waste to Archerfield four times a week collectively.

North Wyong’s C&D waste consists of bricks, asphalt and timber. Its business specialises in separating materials such as steel from these materials for recycling. The materials come from building sites and home renovations across town, as well as major waste management collection companies.

But the small payload of 17 tonnes per vehicle was costing North Wyong Recycling thousands of dollars in transport, so the company’s owner, Gerald Coster, looked to find a solution.

After some months of research, Gerald discovered GCM Enviro’s TANA Shark 440DT waste shredder, doubling his payload to carry up to 40 tonnes of waste, and cutting his transport costs in half.

The TANA Shark is able to shred Gerald’s C&D waste into tiny particles, allowing him to fit more waste onto the truck. It begins with him using a front end loader to load the materials into the TANA Shark, where they are then shredded.

“It significantly reduces the size of C&D materials. We process about 25,000 tonnes of C&D waste annually and about 15,000 tonnes of that travels to Archerfield each year,” Gerald explains.

A key factor in Gerald’s decision, he says, was the size of the machine and its capacity to perform shredding in one pass.

The TANA Shark waste shredder enables full control over the particle size from 50mm to 500mm (2” to 20”).

“I can change the grade of C&D materials. The TANA Shark shreds our materials, ranging from minus 50mm to 250mm.”

In the primary shredding phase, Gerald is also able to separate out unwanted steel and other materials using an over-band magnet and other screens below the rotor. The end result allows Gerald to provide Veolia with separated materials ready for recycling.

Among the host of benefits is also the fact that Gerald no longer needs an excavator to push the materials into the truck.

He says the smaller particle size of C&D materials means he only needs a long reach wheel loader and grapple crane to move the materials onto the truck. The TANA Shark has tracks and can be transported with ease, in case he needs to separate materials elsewhere on site.

“We’ve halved our loading time from two hours to one.

“Previously we had to use an excavator to move the materials, but because it’s of such a small size, we no longer need an excavator to compress the materials onto the truck.”

GCM Enviro describes its TANA Shark 440DT shredder as a robust and well-engineered machine. GCM says its intuitive design results in efficient and reliable performance, with maximum up times.

The TANA Shark’s versatility gives it the ability to remain relevant, regardless of the ever changing landscape of waste and recycling management. Easy adaptability makes the TANA Shark 440DT appropriate for waste to energy conversion and volume production. GCM Enviro’s slow-speed multipurpose waste shredder can be conveniently implemented in a range of subsectors, from tyre and mattress recycling, to commercial and C&D waste processing.

Another important factor, Gerald says, was GCM Enviro’s high standard of service.

The company gave a clear explanation of the product’s capabilities and is always on hand to provide technical solutions and support. GCM Enviro is the exclusive distributor for TANA in Australia and New Zealand.

The TANA Shark has a hydrostatic power transmission aimed to increase the machine’s reliability through reduced downtime. One of its unique smart features for daily operation is the opening sidewall. GCM Enviro says it provides quick, easy and safe access to clean and remove non-shreddable objects from the rotor shaft.

The opening sidewall also functions as a service hatch when changing or replacing rotor knives and counter knives. Adding or removing the rotor screen can also be done in an efficient 10 minutes.

GCM Enviro’s goal of reducing downtime is also evident in its exceptional TANA service support and real-time electronic diagnostics system, which sees the company on hand to regularly discuss the technology with its customers, allowing GCM Enviro to detect early signs of possible malfunctions.

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