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Smart Truck’s Right Weigh systems

Smart Truck's Right Weigh Systems

Right Weigh Load Scales, which are all TCA type-approved, help turn waste trucks into self-weighing vehicles while keeping operators with legal limits reliably and efficiently.

Right Weigh scales are easy to install and monitor the fluctuation in air pressure of the air suspension system to display on-the-ground weight.

As Right Weigh’s most versatile product, interior digital gauges are available with up to four air inputs that can monitor up to four separate axle groups, or a combination of axle groups where some axle groups are monitored by two height control valves.

The scale has a simple two-point calibration and comes with optional PIN code protection and an overweight warning feature.

Right Weigh’s exterior scales are similarly effective and designed truck applications with an air suspension drive axle group and a spring suspension steer axle.

They monitor the drive axle group as well as providing a Measured Steer axle weight using a strain sensor that is attached to the steer axle.

With just one gauge mounted in the cab, operators can monitor multiple axle group combinations on almost any dedicated truck and trailer set by using a quick disconnect air-line between each vehicle. Right Weigh Digital Load Scales can also synchronise via Bluetooth to a mobile device app for ease of use.

Right Weigh is internationally recognised for its product offering, also coming with an indisputable
three-year warranty.

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