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STG Global brings futuristic collection truck to Australia

STG Global

A new partnership is reinforcing the global in STG Global.

The Australian truck building company is joining forces with New Way Trucks, the largest privately held manufacturer of refuse equipment in North America.

Ross Yendle, Managing Director of STG Global, says the joint venture will expand the range of waste trucks STG can offer and introduce a breadth of products never seen in Australia.

“It will bring Australia to the forefront of the waste collection industry,” Ross says. “We’ve always been innovators, but it’s exciting to bring another stream of waste trucks and equipment to Australia that can handle the environment.”

Ross says the partnership has been nine months in the making. It began with a search for a new design truck to tackle Australia’s burgeoning organic waste market. He found what has been described as the most futurist waste collection truck currently available.

New Way has the rights to the ROTO PAC, an auger-driven collection truck that “crunches” organic waste. The auger works just as well on municipal solid waste, effectively creating a dual stream  truck.

 “They’ve put in a lot of innovation and tried to bring waste collection trucks to the next level,” Ross says of New Way. “They have some of the best body designs around the world.”

Ross reached out to New Way and travelled to Iowa to meet the team. He liked what he saw. 

The ROTO PAC, as well as a New Way Diamondback mini rear loader, VIPER rear load and MAMBA small mini side loader, are now being converted to right hand drive and will be on the ground for launch in Australia by October.

“STG has its own range of waste trucks, but up until now we have been focused on the bigger trucks that carry a heavier load,” Ross says.

“Partnering with New Way gives us access to a new line of mini bodies to complement our range. We’ll have a full range of side, rear and front loaders from mini through to large.”

STG Global has built a reputation for building trucks to navigate Australia’s versatile and sometimes tough conditions. The very first truck, a water tanker, was the combination of ingenuity and grit. 

Mike Dryden, Director of Export Sales New Way Trucks, Ross Yendle, Managing Director STG Global, Mike McLaughlin, Chief Executive Officer New Way Trucks and Don Ross, Vice President of Sales and Marketing New Way Trucks.

More than 30 years ago, Ross and his brother were tinkering in the shed trying to think of ways to save the family farm which had been hit by drought and hard times.

They noticed a huge amount of dust coming off a construction site in town and, eager to make some money, approached the site foreman looking for work. The foreman said: “There’s no work here, but if you know anyone with a water truck, let me know”.

Desperate, Ross and his brother said they had a water truck at the farm ready to work. After negotiations on the rate, a deal was struck, and the water truck was due to start work the following day. 

There was one slight problem – there was no water truck. But within 24 hours, using spare parts lying around the farm, a water truck was born. 

The brothers kept the contract, saved the family farm, and have spent the past 30 years manufacturing and producing water tanks and other truck bodies to fill a need in the waste market. 

The STG Global product range now includes garbage trucks, water trucks, tilt tray and vacuum trucks. The company’s rear loader is a favourite among councils Australia-wide.

While Ross describes it as a long apprenticeship, it’s also been a journey that has allowed the brothers to work in a good industry, with good people.  

He says the STG Global story resonated with New Way, a third-generation business that began with agriculture machinery 20 years ago and is now the fastest-growing company in the $80 billion North American solid waste industry.

“It’s amazing how our stories are very similar,” he says. “It’s a company built on values and one that looks after its employees. 

“It’s a good business opportunity but it’s also a good value-add to work with us.”

And while Ross says the new partnership will open plenty of new opportunities, STG Global is not about to forget its roots any time soon. That very first water truck, a 2001 Stirling, was recently brought back to be refurbished. 

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