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STG Global launches new garbage and sweeper truck range

Australia’s waste management industry is set for a shake-up, with leading specialised equipment manufacturer STG Global announcing its entrance into the market with the release of its tech-savvy garbage trucks, and exclusive rights to bring world-class Aebi Schmidt sweepers to Australia. 

Renowned in the construction industry for its innovative line of water, vacuum, service and tilt tray trucks, STG Global is now extending its ingenuity to waste management solutions with the introduction of its garbage truck range.

The Bandit side loader, The Claw rear loader, and The Tusks front loader designs bring added safety, automation and efficiency to waste collection, and are already being trialled by one of Australia’s largest municipal waste collection services.

Features within the range include iPad technology controls, record collection arm reach, fully-automated bin-scanning and pick-up technology, and a patented modular design to reduce maintenance and repair downtime.

STG Global Managing Director Ross Yendle said the STG Global team was thrilled to be entering an industry that was evolving.

“Australia’s population continues to grow, bringing greater demand on collection services, and the market has been looking for someone new to modernise and streamline the industry processes,” he said.

“We’ve seen COVID-19 destroy many industries, but waste management is stable – no matter what, your bin gets picked up once a week.

“We’re happy to bring automation, reliability, and customer-first after-sales service and support that will benefit everyone in the industry, right down to the ratepayer putting their bins out on the curb.”

Yendle said having expert engineers with extensive experience in waste management on the team underpinned STG’s entry into the market.

“We were lucky to find a young and inventive team who knew the industry, and were looking for a change,” he said.

“They had the ideas, the concepts and had listened to the customers, but the other players in the market, the bigger companies, wouldn’t listen.

“We were eager to come into the market and bring that change, so it just made the perfect match.”

Corematic Engineering Director Scott Hansen, who led development of the new garbage truck range, said early-stage feedback from operators had been incredibly positive and encouraging.

“Existing waste collection trucks do the job, but the technology is quite old, and we wanted to bring new life into the industry,” he said.

“Rubbish collection is a critical part of our daily lives, and things haven’t changed a lot over the last ten or so years, so we wanted to be able to act on feedback from within the industry to build a better truck.

“Our focus is on the end-user, and because of that, STG Global’s new range of garbage trucks will set the standard of what people will be asking for in waste collection.

“They truly are trucks for the future.”

STG Global has also won exclusive rights to distribute the Aebi Schmidt Group’s latest technology for airport equipment and special sweeping technology for road cleaning, the Street King 660 and Airport Sweeper 990.

Aebi Schmidt Group Area Sales Manager Nehmetallah Abi Saber said Australians now had access to sales and support from a world-leader in smart product systems.

“Aebi Schmidt has a long history and experience in services for the treatment of mission-critical infrastructure, after first entering the sweeper market back in 1954,” he said.

“The Street King and Airport Sweeper are produced in Germany to the highest standard and feature a continuously-improved design.

“Australians will now have access to this technology and the unparalleled after-sales service from our highly qualified technicians direct from our factories.”

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