StopTheWaste event highlights the issue of global food waste

StopTheWaste event highlights need to reduce food waste

The United Nations World Food Programme in partnership with the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade has hosted the #StopTheWaste event.

The event was held on Saturday 16 October at EXPO 2020 and aimed to encourage collective action to reduce food waste globally.

One-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted throughout the supply chain, from initial agricultural production to final household consumption.

Globally, enough food is produced to feed the world’s 7 billion people, yet 811 million people still go to bed hungry each night.

The event provided discussions as well as tangible examples around food waste reduction. This included a cook off, which featured Australian Chef Janine Booth among others, who cooked with participating kids to create meals from a box of leftovers.

Presentations around how excess food, misfits and end of day produce could be used to create nutritionist meals for the whole family were also at the event.

Caterina Galluzzi, Deputy Director, United Nations World Food Programme, GCC said the event aimed to highlight the impacts of food waste, as well as potential solutions.

“Food that is lost or wasted accounts for some 3 billion tons of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions – in turn, accelerating the climate crisis and its impact on rising hunger,” she said.

“We need to find solutions that address food losses and waste throughout supply chains around the world and ensure a decrease in world hunger.”

Individuals can make their own changes to reduce food waste every day, such as meal planning ahead of grocery shopping, mixing leftovers to create meals, and using everything that food can offer.

#StopTheWaste is a movement for change launched by the United Nations World Food Programme and aims to spotlight the global issue of food waste.

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