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Streamlined for strength: ACT Bins

Waste Management Review explores how ACT Bins is tackling population growth in Queensland and collection bin strength requirements. 

In 2017-18, Queensland generated 10.9 million tonnes of waste. This, paired with the fact South East Queensland is experiencing one of the highest rates of population growth in the country, has made waste management a key policy priority for the state government. 

The Queensland Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy outlines that over the next three years, the state government will invest $100 million into waste management facilities, including upgrading collection services and investing in smoother operations.  

With a dedicated team of engineers and welders, ACT Industrial remains well placed to tackle the collection and recycling challenges of the private sector and local government. The company integrates and tests the latest manufacturing systems to ensure high-quality welding and workmanship for quality assurance.

The company notes that it manufactures high-quality and strong pre-fabricated steel sheds, factories, warehouses, workshops and other steel structures 500 square metres and above. It also strives to manufacture high-strength and long-lasting waste bins. 

ACT’s front lift bins are manufactured using cold rolled sheet steel and durability tested industrial lids. The hooklift bins are manufactured using hollow rectangular steel that runs down both sides to provide reinforced strength, which aim to facilitate greater load weights.  

According to ACT Business Development Manager Phil Volich, the level of quality, design and materials used ensure their bins are some of the best for value on the Australian market. 

“We service a lot of clients such as Sims Metal Management, Avon Waste, Recycling Metal Industries and Busby’s Recycling. It’s very rare that someone sends a bin back for manufacturing faults,” Phil Says.

“They come back because of use wear and tear, but almost never do they need structural repair.” 

All ACT Bins are welded to Australian Standards EN 12079 and available in a high-performance industrial enamel coating. 

Phil says ACT assigns a specific representative to each client, who is tasked with continuously managing the account. 

 “Our representatives are really knowledgeable, plus working with the same person every time means the process runs smoothly as application requirements are already understood,” Phil says. 

According to Phil, his representatives often receive odd job requests from clients. 

“ACT facilitates those orders by having engineers design custom bins based on the specific job requirements,” Phil says. 

“ACT also keeps the corporate colours of major customers in stock, meaning they don’t have to wait long for a bin to be painted after making an order.”

Phil says ACT stores a substantial range of bins at their facilities, ensuring bins customers require are always in stock and orders can be made without prior warning. 

“Customers are able to make a large order, for example 10 4.5-cubic-metre front lift bins and fifteen 30-cubic-metre hook lift bins, and straight away we provide them with a quote,” Phil says. 

“Within two to three weeks the product will be at the gate ready to go – it’s all very straightforward.” 

ACT Bins is also one of Cleanaway’s suppliers in Queensland. Cleanaway’s Gold Coast depot Operations Manager Tim Groves has been working in the waste industry for over 10 years and observed collection capacity demand grow. 

“The level of material facilities like ours are having to deal with is going up and up every year,” Tim says. 

Cleanaway’s Gold Coast depot offers a range of solid waste services to South East Queensland, running collections for the region between Logan and Tweed Heads. Tim says this largely involves general waste, recyclable material and bulk waste. 

“Being on the Gold Coast, we service a large population and as you’d imagine, a large amount of waste. Reliable equipment is therefore crucial for the success of our operations,” Tim says.

“Reliability and quality go hand in hand, so we use steel ACT Bins products for both our front lift and hooklift trucks.” 

The Gold Coast Cleanaway facility uses the full ACT range of front lift bins for commercial general waste, and numerous sizes of hooklift bin for construction and demolition waste, horse manure, scrap metal and sand. 

“ACT specifically designs their bins for industry and waste services, so they are able to withstand a significant amount of force and movement,” Tim says.

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