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Suez trials Eurocargo

The challenge of higher density living and its effect on waste collection led Suez to explore novel solutions in the Australian refuse collection market, turning to Iveco’s customised Eurocargo ML140.

An increasing trend in Australia towards higher density living is impacting how waste is being collected.

According to Sustainability Victoria’s Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan Amendment Consultation Draft, increasing multi-unit developments in some areas, particularly high-rise apartments, needs customised infrastructure and suitable and effective collection service models.

A shift towards apartment and townhouse living as well as a rise in gated communities such as retirement villages, means that larger, more traditional refuse collection vehicles are struggling with the more confined infrastructure, according to Mark Muttdon, Suez’s NSW Residential Operations Manager.

Mark says its changing the shape of the equipment needed to efficiently perform this task.

It’s this challenge that recently led Mark to approach IVECO in search of a solution. The end result is the customised Eurocargo ML140, developed in partnership between IVECO Australia, Suez and one of Australia’s leading bodybuilders, Bucher Municipal.

Mark says the Eurocargo offers a sound solution to a problem that is increasingly becoming common.

“Suez has a contract for a gated community in Port Stephens servicing 219 homes,” Mark explains.

“Being gated, the access roads are private and had gross vehicle mass limits. They didn’t want us going through in full size 6×4 compactors and risk ripping up the infrastructure.

“We did consider a 4×2 ACCO but it was still quite heavy and the dimensions still made it difficult to negotiate the tighter roads and dead-end streets. At this point, we approached IVECO and asked if there was something available through the Eurocargo platform – beginning our journey.”

The dual control Eurocargo features a shortened wheelbase (4185 milimetres) and is powered by a 5.9 litre, six-cylinder Euro5 (EEV) engine producing 280 horsepower and 1000 newton metres of torque. The engine is coupled to a five-speed Allison S3000 fully automatic transmission.

Mark says these compact dimensions provide excellent manoeuvrability and the lower gross vehicle mass required to work in the restrictive environments. He says Bucher Municipal’s Gen V Series II 14 cubic metre sideloader compactor body is also providing many benefits.

The body offers an optimum mix of payload (approximately five tonnes) while also benefiting from a strong, but lighter weight construction through the use of new steel products that are durable – allowing the bodybuilder to shed weight.

Marco Quaranta, IVECO ANZ Product Manager, says the Eurocargo will help meet changing market requirements.

“To get a full size compactor into higher density developments can be a challenge, in many cases the infrastructure just doesn’t accommodate larger trucks,” Marco explains.

Marco says the Eurocargo already has smaller dimensions than many compactors in the market, but with a shortened wheelbase of 4185 milimetres. He says this provides exceptional maneuverability while still accommodating the requirement for fitment of a 14 cubic metre compactor body and five tonnes of payload.

“You still get a good payload and being a more compact truck, there’s less stress for the driver to operate the vehicle in these confined environments,” he says.

Marco says IVECO worked closely with Bucher Municipal and Suez to develop the vehicle and the company is pleased with the outcome.

He adds that the availability of a Eurocargo to suit these more specialised collection requirements further increased the appeal of IVECO models in the waste market.

“IVECO has always had traditional waste collection covered with ACCO and Stralis being suitable for a wide range of rear, side and overhead collection applications along with hook bin work,” he says.

“Adding a Eurocargo to the mix will allow us to offer our customers a more complete overall solution and also provide an entry into new markets which are growing.”

Having been on trial for several weeks in February, Mark says driver feedback on the Eurocargo was positive while the truck also provided Suez management with some impressive efficiency gains.

“We were previously using a rear-loading compactor in this application with two operators, one driving the truck and the second operating the loader at the rear,” he says.

“With the Eurocargo, being dual control and having a sideloader body, it means we only need one operator, so it’s a lot more efficient.”

Mark says the size of the body is just right. He says the company is able to get the payload needed to service the 219 dwellings, drop the waste off, clean out the compactor and return to conduct the recycling.

“For the driver, the smaller dimensions of the truck and its phenomenal turning circle results in much less stress negotiating those tight streets,” he says.

Luke Aitken, General Manager of Sales at Bucher Municipal, says the collaboration between the three companies has yielded an impressive piece of equipment.

“Often it takes more than one head to find the best solution to a problem,” he says.

“Bucher Municipal has a long and successful history in working closely with both IVECO and Suez on a range of projects, so we were confident of a positive outcome and that’s what we got.”

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