Suez waste collection drivers put trucks to the test

Suez Environnement garbo waste collection driver evaluation day
Suez Environnement has held a unique event for its waste truck drivers to have a say in what they drive in the future.

More than 40 team members spent a day at Sydney Dragway, Eastern Creek, trialling the latest in cab chassis and bodies from some of Australia’s leading truck suppliers, including IVECO, Volvo, Scania and Isuzu.

Drivers were asked to rate each model across five main categories: cabin comfort and ergonomics, image and appearance, build quality, vehicle performance and overall experience.

Francois Bacalou, Suez Environnement’s Chief Procurement Officer said it was important to gain feedback from those who drive the company’s vehicles every day.

“There is more to consider in the procurement of our garbage truck fleet than just the cost. A positive and safe user experience is also a priority, and that’s what we hoped to gain from our driver evaluation day,” said Mr Bacalou.

The company has collated all input received on the day and used it to put forward recommendations to its Operations Council.

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