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Superior Pak partners with SEA-Electric and IVECO

IVECO’s Australia-first ACCO waste truck is powered by battery electric power.

Powering the truck is a SEA-Drive 180 electric driveline featuring 220-kilowatt-hour NMC batteries, which provide the vehicle with a range of approximately 250 kilometres at full gross vehicle mass (up to 23.5 tonnes) along with a limited top speed of 100 kilometres per hour.

The vehicle features a 22-kilowatt-hour on-board charger, allowing the truck to be plugged in and charged from any three-phase power source. Battery charging time from totally flat to full charge is about eight hours.

Battery longevity is calculated at 3500 charge cycles, giving it a life of over 10 years based on a single charge, five days per week. According to IVECO, the remainder of the driveline is virtually maintenance-free.

As an Australian manufacturer, IVECO has the production line flexibility to provide Superior Pak and SEA Electric with a ‘glider’, a complete cab chassis minus the driveline and associated equipment such as exhaust, fuel tanks, traditional battery boxes and related items. 

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