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Applied Machinery’s Recycling division continues to service the waste industry. As Sales Manager Peter Koueik says, the department is set for exponential growth to match increasing demand.

As an industry leader in supply and service of recycling machinery, Applied Machinery is committed to the continued development of the company’s recycling branch.

In partnership with global brand Genox, Applied Machinery’s recycling department is focused on providing the right products for a wide range
of applications.

Genox are a leading manufacturer of specialist industry equipment for the Australian and international waste markets.

Sales Manager Peter Koueik says the department’s level of growth in recent years is a reflection of the ever-expanding waste industry.

“In general, recycling has grown considerably. In total, over the past three years we have seen close to a doubling in turnover for sales of our products,” he says. “Within the sheet metal and plastics division, both departments have grown.”

Applied Machinery’s recycling division already consists of an expansive portfolio, covering products from size reduction and washing, to pelletising and conversion technologies.

Supplying clients with the correct customised equipment for their given project is something that Peter says is a key aspect of the company’s experience for customers.

“The customer-focused approach to our services has held us in great stead within the industry. We aim to make sure that the customer is going to succeed with the chosen project or market,” he says.

“Even if the project does not materialise, we aim to be there at every step to help customers develop clear expectations of the process and market. And of course, we can tailor machines to specific environments and factory spaces, depending on the client.”

With more companies within the waste industry hoping to contribute to a circular economy for its products, Applied Machinery has seen demand for plastics recovery and recycling products increase.

“I believe the growth of the industry started with the success of the circular economy in Europe and overseas. This resulted in a greater push for recycling within Australia’s waste industry,” Peter says.

“Current restrictions on the exportation of waste have meant that more producers need to find alternative forms of treating waste, particularly in regard to recycling waste that they produce themselves.

“This material will need to be treated locally as a result. That is where we at Applied Machinery supply all the essential products for a range of organisations throughout the waste industry.”

Applied Machinery’s sales and technical team also act to ensure the sustained performance of machinery, with supply specialist service, installation and training available for a variety of products.

Additionally, the company’s engineers are trained in aspects such as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic service and repairs.

Growing with the waste industry has been one of the core strengths of Applied Machinery’s recycling department. However, there are hopes that expanding the departments product portfolio will also help to support the expanding recycling sector.

Applied Machinery is hoping to expand its portfolio awareness to ensure the market understands the breadth of machines on offer from Genox – including car and tyre recycling plants, complete e-waste processing systems and large format vertical shredders for the most demanding of C&D waste applications.

“Due to the increased volume of orders, we can hire more technicians for our recycling division, as well as more complex machines within the department,” Steve says.

“As a result, we hope to grow our market share in these areas and continue to build upon the excellent reputation that Genox Machinery has out there in the industry.”

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