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Sustainability Victoria considers submissions for $5 million fund

Sustainability Victoria is currently considering 45 submissions for the second round of applicants to the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund.

The Victorian Government have invested $13.6 million into the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund to help develop recycling infrastructure and increase the amount of jobs in the resource recovery industry. Projects funded must increase the recovery rate of materials in Victoria.

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$5.1 million was given to 14 projects in round 1, which will collectively recover 17,000 tonnes of plastics, 3500 tonnes of food organics, 100,000 tonnes of timber, and reduce landfill by over 200,000 tones each year.

Recycling Solutions (Vic) is an example of one recipient of the fund. It is establishing an advanced recycling facility that will be able to separate and recycle individual polymer types, which they expect to divert over 10,000 tonnes from landfill a year.

Repeat Plastics Australia have also taken advantage of the fund to establish reprocessing at their Ballarat Recycling Plant to diversify the types of plastic waste it can process.

Round 3 of the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund is expected to be released mid-2018.

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