Sustainable water solutions developed by Sydney Water

Sustainable water solutions developed by Sydney Water

Sydney Water, who service the water supply needs for Greater Sydney, have developed alternative methods to satisfy the needs of the area’s growing population.

Purified Recycled Water (PRW) has been developed by the water supplier as part of the New South Wales Government’s Greater Sydney Water Strategy draft. Sydney Water says PRW would provide an option alongside with traditional water services such as dams.

Sydney Water’s Head of Strategy and Enterprise, Paul Higham, said that similar initiatives ad programs are being supported to secure sustainable options.

“PRW could meet 25 per cent of Sydney’s water needs by 2056 and it can reduce our reliance on energy-intensive desalination plants, offset the need for expensive drinking water investments and improve environmental flows for our rivers,” Higham said.

“Our long-term vision is to enable a water-sensitive city, one that is nourished by and respects its waterways and water resources. This means not only having safe, equitable and affordable water, but also beautiful waterways, and green and blue spaces that sustain communities and cultural connections.”

Among these initiatives is the use of renewable energy, which is self-generated by Sydney Water.

A community engagement campaign was also conducted by Sydney Water, as part of its education activities regarding sustainability.

“The role of Sydney Water is changing. We are not just service provider; we also play a key role in shaping the growth and identity of our city,” Higham said.

Sydney Water says these programs are aiming to address climate change, as well as to accommodate increasing urbanisation throughout the Greater Sydney area.

This follows the release of Sydney Water’s Carbon Zero Plan, which sets out the long-term objective for the supplier to achieve carbon zero emissions by 2030 and its supply chain by 2040.

For more information on Sydney Water’s sustainability efforts, click here.


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