SV & APC join forces to boost plastics recycling

Plastic bottles and packaging for recycling
Joint funding from Sustainability Victoria (SV) and the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) is helping industry use recycled plastic packaging in new products.

The APC is working closely with the government agency to support sustainable packaging projects to increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter.

The partners have allocated $848,130 in joint funding to two pioneering projects that recycle flexible plastics to make other materials or product.

Welvic Australia is receiving $620,900 towards new infrastructure and resource to boost processing of PVC waste. Its focus is on keeping PVC plastic containers and film out of landfill, with the project set to divert between 800 to 1000 tonnes of plastic waste each year.

The Welvic project aims to create an outlet for PVC waste and establish a sustainable raw material supply stream that uses available waste PVC. This material is made suitable for recycling, thereby reducing the need to source expensive virgin raw materials. It will also develop new applications for recycled PVC, and new applications for PVC based materials previously considered unsuitable for recycling.

Geelong-based GT Recycling is receiving funding to support its processing of packaging for rice and grains, and bulk industrial and reusable shopping bags, into Polypropylene compounds to be used in a range of products including plant pots, garden furniture and concrete reinforcing bar stools.

The money will be used towards a project to introduce specialised equipment into its existing plastics recycling facility, which will enable the sustainable recycling of particular plastics across a range of packaging and non-packaging formats. It will help GT Recycling to boost processing capacity by up to 1,500 tonnes a year.

“By finding ways to turn flexible plastics into valuable products we can help create end markets for the use of this material and support the growth of the recycling industry in Victoria,” said Sustainability Victoria CEO Stan Krpan.

Commenting on the collaboration, APC CEO Trish Hyde said she welcomed this opportunity to work closely with the Victorian Government.

“The APC has a very simple aim – to address the negative impacts of consumer packaging on the environment,” she said. “This is achieved through collaborative projects like GT Recycling and Welvic that bring government and industry together on packaging sustainability initiatives.”

More details on APC-supported projects is available on its website.

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