Sydney Water joins Race to Zero

Sydney Water

Sydney Water is one of 13 Australian and New Zealand water utilities to become signatories to the Race to Zero carbon emissions campaign.

In 2020-21, Sydney Water generated 56,000 MWh of electricity from renewable biogas and a further 10,000 MWh from hydropower – enough to power almost 1000 homes and reduce carbon emissions by 54,000 tonnes. It aims to more than double its biogas generation by 2030 as part of the carbon zero plan.

Penny Joseph, Head of Resilience, Climate Change and Adaption said Sydney Water is proud to be a part of the Race to Zero.

“Sydney Water already has a strong track record in reducing our carbon footprint, through strong investment in circular economy technologies. We’re planning to ramp up this investment to produce even more energy, gas and recycled water to further drive down our energy use,” Joseph said.

“There needs to be a united approach when working toward something this big, so it is vital for us to ensure there is ample collaboration between our people, contractors, stakeholders and customers, as we really want to convert our ambition into achievement.

“As part of what we are trying to achieve, Sydney Water will also focus on things like any new assets and major upgrades of existing assets which present an even greater opportunity to implement new technology and innovation for energy and carbon emission reduction.”

Sydney Water has developed a Road Map, in collaboration with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), to look at how it can contribute to the emerging Green Hydrogen economy.

The main source of green hydrogen would be from high quality treated wastewater. Sydney Water produces 37.6ML a day of highly treated wastewater at its Wollongong Water Recycling Plant and provides about 15-20ML a day. It plans to demonstrate the potential of hydrogen through a pilot plant installation at one of its wastewater treatment plants in the future.

Sydney Water’s climate change program will also focus on ensuring its products, network and assets are resilient to future climate impacts. The corporation is working with the NSW Government and Water NSW on the Draft Greater Sydney Water Strategy, planning for a sustainable and resilient water network for the next 40 years.

Race to Zero, a United Nations-backed global campaign rallying a diverse range of business and organisations to create a carbon zero world, is the largest alliance of its kind, covering nearly 25 per cent of all global CO2 emissions.

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