Applied Machinery Genox S-Series Raspers

The S-Series Rasper is mainly used in waste tyre recycling, providing a second “crushing” of material which has been pre-shredded by a twin shaft shredder.

The Rasper uses cutting and squeezing principles with rotor/counter knives to separate the steel wire from the crushed material, achieving a separation efficiency of more than 98 per cent and processing capacity of up to five tonnes an hour.

The easily replaceable DC53 cutting tools are bolt mounted, with knife supports and fixing wedges, ensuring long life and low operation costs. D2 counter knives can be adjusted individually to maintain consistent cutting clearance, while V-belts and a large flywheel ensure energy-efficient medium-speed cutting.

The casing and screen bracket are controlled by hydraulic drive, so that knife and screen replacement is convenient and quick. A two-piece chamber, fitted with wear-plates to process abrasive materials, also provides easy access for maintenance.

An independent bearing seat helps to prevent dust and debris from entering the bearing, avoiding blockages and extending the service life of the bearing.

A dual-motor drive means the S-Series Rasper can be used as a high-power single-motor drive, reducing the impact of the motor on the power grid when it is started.


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Applied Machinery’s HDPE Bottle and Container Washing System

Applied Machinery’s range of plastic-washing systems are designed for high-performance recovery of rigid and flexible plastics derived from a variety of sources.

The modular systems tackle HDPE bottles, PE films, PP woven bags and PET bottles.

A standout of the range is Applied’s Genox modular HDPE Bottle and Container Washing System, which is designed for ridged plastics with a wall thickness ranging from 1-25 millimetres.

The HDPE Bottle and Container washer features a wear resistant shredding system that works to maximise operating time and throughput via consistent processing.

Next, a high-speed washing system, with corresponding speed according to material type, liberates contamination for plastic flakes.

The washing tank’s under-water force-washing paddles then work to amplify washing efficiency, while mechanical and thermal drying systems reduce end product moisture.

Label separation can be achieved with advanced wind separation, while shredding and washing are set at calculated intensities to avoid over friction and material loss.

Intelligent system automation ensures that all component actions are sequenced and monitored.

The HDPE Bottle and Container Washing System features an inclined friction washer, float-sink washing tank and vertical dewatering machine, before material passes through a zig-zag classifier.

For more information contact Applied Machinery at 03 9706 8066 or visit their website here.