First-of-its-kind facility for Shoalhaven City Council

NSW’s Shoalhaven City Council has entering into a long-term contract with  Bioelektra Australia Pty Ltd to build and operate a first-of-its-kind mixed waste processing facility.

The new resource recovery facility will be constructed on council owned land adjacent to the current West Nowra Landfill site. Works will commence in 2019 and the facility is expected to be fully operational by late 2021.

At its October 2018 Ordinary Meeting, the council resolved unanimously to adopt the new technology which Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley stated will be an Australian first in waste management.

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“The Shoalhaven, much like other council areas are running out of landfill space and in 12 years time, it is predicted we will reach capacity at our West Nowra Landfill Facility,” Cr Findley said.

“This new facility will be a giant leap forward for how Shoalhaven manages waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

“This state-of-the-art facility will be Australia’s first advanced treatment plant capable of diverting 90 per cent of mixed waste from the landfill. Everything that can be reused or recycled will be extracted in one process.

Cr Findlay said there will be no extra charges for ratepayers.

“The introduction of this new facility is projected to extend the landfill life of the Shoalhaven to more than 50 years.”

The council’s waste levy bill to the NSW Government is projected to reduce by nearly $7 million ($4 million for domestic waste) per year as a result of reducing its waste to landfill. While council’s projected landfill will be extended from 12 years to more than 50, council is boasts that 100 per cent of everything householders place in the red bin that can be recycled will be. According to council’s website, it will be a system no other councils in NSW are achieving.

Waste Expo Australia showcases line-up

Waste Expo Australia has revealed the latest Australian and global technology innovations to be featured at Waste Evolution, a feature showcase that will be on display at next month’s event.

Waste Evolution will showcase new technologies, prototypes, products and processes set to change waste management and resource recovery in Australia. A series of hands-on demonstrations and case study-led seminar sessions will feature:

  • Deakin University’s 3D printer, which is bringing clean water to the Pacific and cleaning up plastic waste
  • Green Eco Technologies’ new WasteMaster waste processing system, which aims to reduce the weight and volume of food waste by up to 80 per cent
  • Newtechpoly’s home-grown Aussie technology PolyWaste, which economically turns plastic litter such as what is washed up on beaches, into furniture and value-added plastic products
  • The first solar generation system of its kind on an Australian landfill, designed and implemented by Joule Energy
  • Alter NRG’s Plasma Gasification, which enables conversion of multiple waste streams into gas turbines, liquid fuel technologies, fuel cells and renewable hydrogen
  • WastAway’s patented processing system, which works to sustainably handle municipal solid waste using a unique hydrothermal system to achieve zero landfill growth
  • Replas’ sustainable solution to the major issue of plastic use increasing worldwide
  • Bioelektra Group’s waste treatment technology, which unveils resource potential in waste by achieving a diversion rate of more than 96 per cent from landfill

John Gorton, Executive Director, Reed Exhibitions Australia, said Waste Expo Australia brings together pioneering companies and solutions in the waste industry that are helping to drive a greener economy.

“The event gives visitors the chance to learn about and see firsthand the latest innovations in the business of waste management,” he said.

“Exhibitors also have the opportunity to share their knowledge and educate the industry on waste-related technologies with thousands of potential customers, investors, collaborators and contacts.”

Waste Expo Australia will feature more than 70 exhibitors, with more that 50 of these companies presenting their latest innovations for the first time at a major event in Victoria this year, including Caterpillar, Bost Group, Cleanaway and Manitou Group.

Visitors at next month’s exhibition and conference will have the opportunity to hear from more than 35 of the sector’s most reputable leaders as part of the seminar program – Waste Summit. The program is the largest free-to-attend waste management conference in Australia, with 30 topical and informative sessions, offering keynote presentations, practical case studies, panel sessions and white paper discussions.

The Waste Summit provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from industry peers and stay informed across areas including policy, legislation, circular economy, waste-to-energy, solid waste management, new technologies and advancements.

Speakers include Grant Musgrove from the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR), Max Spedding from the National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC), and senior representatives from the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group and the Environment Protection Authority Victoria.

Waste Expo Australia is free-to-attend and will be co-located with All-Energy Australia 2017, the largest clean energy and renewables event in Australia, as part of Australian Sustainability Week. To register, visit Waste Expo Australia.

Waste Expo Australia will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 October.